Know the Real America

We get to see a lot of America from the news and the movies, and we may have the impression that we know a lot about the nation, but most of us are only just touching the surface. As is the case with all countries on Earth, to get to know the real America, you should try and spend some time there first and know how Americans live. Our elite London escorts has been spending her time off work doing just that.

Mixing Business with Pleasure

Cherie, who has been a high class city call girl with PalaceVIP for four years, first went to America on a business trip with a client and had since been returning whenever she gets the chance. Most of the time she goes now, she still goes on business with clients, but Cherie does her best to mix business with pleasure and get to know the area the best she can during her stay. Cherie had travelled to New York, Chicago and California. She has spent time in the cities as well as in the countryside of America.

Meeting the Locals

To know the real America as much as possible, Cherie, the VIP city call girl, has done her best to meet people that live in the area she is visiting. During her blonde Mayfair escort friends stays, some of the locals invited her, and there she learned a lot about American cuisine.

The 24/7 city models love it so much she decided to move there.

I think it is impossible to select 1 category for real America. The truth is that its a varied country. The richness of cultures and nationalities and traditions. Blended into a country of tolerance. Usually, a blend of different cultures leads to tolerance. But in many places, its the opposite.

Elite London escorts don’t really know the real America. They live in a bubble of bliss. Reality is far away from them. When they are exposed to it, they are often in a state of shock.