Marketing Apps to Use!

Thanks to the internet, 24/7 elite London escorts now have an opportunity to market their services outside town. Before social media platforms were created, only the well-connected busty girls travelled the world. Now, every girl can sell their service to clients using smartphones and a click of a button.

We have highlighted the major social media platforms that can help take your high class Chelsea escorting business to the next level.

5 Social Media Platforms

1. Twitter

This is an online news platform that top models can use to your advantage. A good thing about it is that it is free, and with the right hashtag, you can reach thousands of people. Therefore, the best part about Twitter is that you can post links to your blog or website. However, keep in mind that you will be banned from the platform if you post too much nudity. To stay safe, use polite and comfortable language, seductive clothing but not nudity.

Cons: Nudity will get you banned from the platform

2. Facebook

Elite London escorts love Facebook. It is the most popular social media platform globally, with millions of users worldwide. It is also common among call girls because it is free. You can take advantage of several features, such as Facebook Messenger for instant chats and a video call feature. You can also live stream your event live to your VIP followers.

Your followers can also comment, like and share your pictures or videos. This amplifies your brand further.

Cons: Switch off its location service feature for more privacy


Busty Mayfair girls love youtube. It is a video sharing service that you can use to increase your VIP UK website’s visibility. However, keep in mind that it can not be used for nudity purposes. To grow your new escorting brand using this platform, you must be creative in your post’s content. You therefore can grow a fan base that you can use to share out your content with their networks.

Cons: It does not allow nudity unless you are creative about it

4. Instagram

This list would not be complete without the mother of all apps. Most Russian model businesses are done here but creatively. You can use 30 hashtags to promote one service, and this ensures maximum visibility. One main feature of Instagram is ‘Instagram stories’. Therefore, this feature enables you to share your services with people who do not follow you directly.

Cons: Instagram does not allow nudity, and you will require third party applications to hide your escorting website.

5. Whatsapp Messenger

All Central city call girls use and love Whatsapp. This is a free communication tool that enables girls to video call and chats with international high class city clients. The good thing about this app is that it uses data, and this saves you phone credit. It’s a global app meaning it will still work even if you travel to the north pole.

Cons: The app is limited to the number of  people you can invite to join  your group

In conclusion, the kind of app call girls use will depend on their needs. For example, Whatsapp is best for messaging clients, while Instagram is best for advertising your services.