Other than good Looks, Men like these qualities in their partners

There is no doubt that a Man’s attention is quick towards high class city escorts whose appearance is simply, beautiful. But if you think that just by looking at your face and busty figure, he will fall in love with you, then you are wrong. You will be happy to know that girls have many qualities, other than looks, that can attract men. Not only this, based on these qualities, they think about taking their relationship to the next step. Know the things that women can outshine to win their partner’s heart.

Live life fully

No man would like a partner who complains 24/7. He likes a woman who believes in living life fully. When you are a fun-loving kind who lives your life fully, you have learned one secret of a happy life. Everyone wants a happy partner who can share the burden instead of just complaining about every little thing. Each one is living a fast life and has much mental pressure. Men also think that when they return home, they should find their partner happy to talk if they had a bad day. But if their partner is always nagging and complaining about little things, they can never lead a happy life.

Sense of Humor

Women who can laugh at their partner’s jokes can lighten their mood in their words. Girls who have a good sense of humour have a great relationship with their partners. A busty woman with a sense of humour will know how and when to take things lightly so that the moment is not ruined. They will know when to talk to their partner to make things work for both of them. But at the same time, she should know every time is not the time for humour, and if she understands this, she can take her relationship easily with any man.


Many people think that they are always right and their opinion can never be wrong. When a person thinks like this, it isn’t easy to talk to such people. They are not ready to understand things. A man who likes high class city escorts who take decisions according to the situation and do not take their position as the best. A woman who knows when and where to compromise to save her relationship will be very much understanding. This quality can go a long way to save a relationship from breaking. Men are seen to fall for this quality when their families are big as a woman who can compromise for her family will keep the family together.

Having an identity

Men tend to like those women who have an identity of their own. A woman’s own choice of self is clear to her. It is a great quality to be self-sufficient. Men want that even after becoming a couple, they complement each other. Women having their own identity are independent, and they can take on the responsibilities of life in a better way. If a woman is dependent on her partner always, she will seem like a burden to him after a while. He will not like to spend his life with an escort who does not have her own identity.

A compassionate woman

An elite escort whose heart is clean and possesses the virtue of compassion is loved by men. A compassionate woman supports her partner even in the worst of times. She understands that there are highs and lows in every relationship, and they both need to support each other. Such a woman understands the value of happy life and does not leave her partner in his failure.

Cooking skills

It is said that the way to a man’s heart passes through his stomach. High class city escorts who cooks well can get any man crazy about her. Is there a man who would not want a wife who can cook great food? He will have a wife waiting for him at home with delicious food, which will make up for his bad day. A woman who is a good cook is always the centre of attraction when they host parties at home as everyone is asking for her secret recipes. This is one talent that every man wants in his life partner.

Smiling face

The smile on your face not only enhances your beauty but also brings a positive feeling to your partner about yourself. Imagine coming home after a bad day at the office, and you are greeted by a smiling face 24/7 at home who is ready to listen to you. Half of the day’s tiredness goes off when a smile greets you. A smile can make up for everything. Even when the man is angry or sad about something, if his partner has a smile on her face, all the anger and sadness will vanish. Your man will definitely feel he is special and VIP. Remember, having a busty figure is not everything. A smile on a woman’s face makes their life full of sweetness.

Be yourself

An elite escort should try to be herself. If there is a texture in their behaviour or they try to be like anyone else, they look completely fake. It would be best if you understood that you could not carry a fake personality forever. Sooner or later, these fake layers will fall off, and they will reveal the true nature. If you are already in a relationship at such a time, it won’t be good. No man would want a fake life partner.

Men get irritated with such women. It is always better to be your true self without any filters so that the man falls in love with you.

Motherly behaviour

For a man, his mother is always his idol. If a woman has motherly behaviour, the man will find it easy to connect to her. A man thinks that if a woman behaves like a mother, she always thinks about her escort future 24/7. She will be a good mother to their children. He wants the partner he chooses to be able to fulfil this responsibility.