People Travelling Around the World

Travelling around the world is a dream that much high class Park Lane models 24/7 have. But unfortunately, most never make it. Travelling costs money which requires us to work. Work usually means we don’t get to go travelling. Maybe a holiday for a week or two each year. Work commitments and financial restrictions limit our travel ability. We often give up and settle for our annual holiday instead. If you are very fortunate, though, you might get a job, which means you can get paid to see the world.

Some jobs will require you to see different parts of the world. Meaning that you can get paid to do something that many people dream of doing. At the same time, there is often a lot of actual work involved. With luck, you might get some time to yourself, so you can get to see and do things while you are there. Some high class Mayfair escort girls are so fortunate that seeing the sights and taking in the nightlife is the only thing they need to do.

An Unexpected Invite.

Kelly, elite London escorts for ten years, said she received an unexpected invite to Australia with a client of hers and wasted no time accepting the offer. “A client of mine was going to Sydney on business and wanted a companion to join him”, she said. “I’d never been to Australia, so I thought ‘, Why not?’”. “We had a great time, he wasn’t working all the time, and we got to see the city and spend some time seeing the sights”, she added. “I was treated to lots of wonderful meals in fine restaurants while I was there.”

Elite London escorts tend to meet clients from all over the world, and offers to travel to other countries with them are quite frequent. A spokesperson for said, “some of our girls travel with their clients. One of our ladies is currently enjoying herself in India”. “No doubt she’ll come back with lots of wonderful stories and gifts for us as she usually does”. “I’m very envious of her”,, she concluded.

Broadening Horizons.

Kelly has since been on many other trips overseas. And says that she has learned a great deal from her travels. “It’s just fascinating to see how people live completely different lifestyles”,, she said. “It can be a real eye-opener at times”. I used to think my life as a Mayfair model could be tight. But In comparison to some people, I have it very easy. It has undoubtedly helped me to be more content with what I have.

“So much travelling has also given me a few ideas about what I should do in the future. I can’t always be a hot blonde escort”, she said. “I am thinking of opening up a tour agency. Maybe I can help other people to see the world as I have. I think that my experience in travelling so far should be beneficial with that”, she concluded.