Proven Tips to Mastering Living Alone Safely

People often say you haven’t lived fully if you have not lived alone! While this statement holds true and we know that living alone has certain perks. On the contrary, we cannot neglect the lingering feeling of discomfort and anxiousness when staying alone. High class capital escorts have been dealing with all sorts of situation and living alone is one of them. Are you too worried about living alone? Concerned about your safety? Losing sleep overthinking? Going paranoid over the slightest of noise? Do not just sit in self-pity feeling helpless, instead take control of things and your security. Isn’t freedom all about taking control?! We are here to help you ensure that nobody catches you by surprise (not a good kind). In this article, we have listed 10 easy steps to master living alone safely. Before you read on, here is a little secret – plan ahead.

Realize the risks

There is just a minute difference between confidence and over-confidence. Do not assume that nothing bad will happen to your blonde. Or worst, think that stuff like this happens only in the movies. When you are all by yourself with no housemate to help you lock up or call for help in the event of a break-in, you need other types of backup. Being proactive is the foremost of securing yourself. When you realise the risks involved, you will make extra efforts to take the required precautions and help whenever required. 

Safety Check

Before you move in, do not simply roam around the flat, looking at its wall paint, decor, and kitchen. Notice the small yet significant things like the door sturdy, wall cracks, window panels cracks, bolts, etc. If anything seems shaky, immediately speak to the owner. You should know that neighbours and high class capital escorts are your best friends. Get to know your neighbours. Make acquaintances. If you are not comfortable speaking to strangers, at least aim to introduce yourself to them. In case of any need, when you need them, you are not a total stranger to them. Sometimes, you may not be lucky enough to get polite neighbours. But most people are available to help in the time of need. Do not simply hide away in your apartment. Try to be polite with them and gradually become friends (do it for your safety). Remember, your neighbours are the people living closest to you and can be available for any help if needed.

Keep Your Friends On Speed Dial

Always inform your friends or someone you trust about your whereabouts. Leaving for office, drop them a text. Spending good time with high class capital escorts then let them know the details. Going on a trip, share the route details and the necessary details. Coming home late from work or a party, ask them to drop you at your doorstep or text them once you are inside your flat. Invite people. Do not become a caveman after moving into your flat. Invite people even if it exhausts you. Throw parties even if the society forbids. Take the precautions and do not create a nuisance for other people, though. It is vital to let everyone know that you are not alone and definitely not an easy target.

Emergency Exit

Know your building well. You should where to run in case of a mishappening or fire. Download apps that automatically alert your friends and female partner if you are in danger. Call the police immediately if things go south. Also, keep a note of a couple of important numbers and addresses of your friends in mobile and wallet. Whom to let in when alone should be the precise thing you should always know. We know you are all grown up, but you should understand that not everyone is your friend. Allowing anyone from the office to enter to look cool may often end up on a negative note.  Furthermore, if you have a maid, be 100% sure to check her background and ask around before letting her in or giving her the keys. We all have seen enough news and documentaries to not fall into the trap of trusting a maid without sound knowledge of their background.

Report Anything Strange

Did you hear anything weird at an odd hour of the night? Please pick up the mobile and immediately call the security guard or your busty neighbour or even the police as it happens. Even if there were nothing serious, you would be safe. Keep your spare key safe. A big no to carpets, mailboxes, shoe-racks. Instead, leave it off with a friend you trust. Always lock the door. It is the first and last line of protection that you have from outsiders. Therefore, always lock the door and make it a habit. Even if you are going to throw out the garbage, lock your door behind you. Check your peephole before directly opening it wide in the face of the visitor. The key point here is, do not leave anything to chance. Keep your eyes open to everything around you. 

Extra Precautions

Here are some extra precautions that one should take to stay safe. These are just not common or general precautions but they have been time tested by high class girls. If you practice them, they will become a habit. And thus, you will never miss a thing that will protect you. So here is the list.

  • Set timings of your deliveries.
  • Keep the curtains closed and the lights on.
  • Do not post about your whereabouts frequently on social media.
  • If you can, get yourself a pet.

These easy and small precautions will help you to stay cautious and avoid many dangers that people living alone face in their day-to-day lives.

Wrapping Up

Living alone is all fun and exciting for a busty until the responsibility sets in. When you are in control of your decor, dinner, work, pant-on, pants-off, you are also in control of your safety. While not everyone can get a guard dog, you can, at the minimum, have the peace of mind that comes from digital and practical protection. Use these tips 24/7 to ensure you do not become a target and to enjoy your solo living wholly! 

History is full of incidences where a small carelessness costed the life of important people. And none of us is an exception. You never know who is trying to hunt you down. As soon as you lower your guards the predators will attack. Therefore, read the article carefully and try to follow each and every point we mentioned in it. It can prove to be a lifesaver and protect you from any type of mishappening while living alone.