Your body is your earning source, take care of it

I am Jacob, and I have more than 15 years of experience with booking elite London Escorts. Through this job, I have explored almost every country in the world. The Mayfair busty escort 24/7 service is not dull, provided you are interested in it. Meeting different people worldwide and attending lavish events will surely add experience to your life. These can be a source of learning for others.

Job requirements are different

When companies advertise a vacancy, there are specific academic as well as physical job requirements. One has to meet these particular requirements to win the job. The same goes for attendant jobs; if you are making your living through your body, then there are certain things you should keep in mind before applying.

How you should look physically

Elite London escorts advise that physical appearance comes first. In this media-oriented society, we have drastically changed beauty standards. Girls who are lean, smart, with a perfect waist-hip ratio are in demand. Skin colour varies from region to region. In Asia, fair skin is more popular. In the case of boys, they must be smart, broad-chested, and tall. The muscular body is a busty girl’s hot favourite. Keep these requirements in mind and start working on yourself if you plan to enter the escort business. Keep an eye on your calorie intake and body measurements and exercise daily to remain in good shape.

Intelligence is sexy 

Besides your physical appearance, good communication skills are the cherry on top. No one can resist a beauty with a brain. If you can talk about different topics, are witty with a good sense of humour, you will earn more money. This is the reason college or university girls are more popular in this business. These traits are a must if you serve as a Russian model for hire for top-class business people. Because you have to attend business parties, events, and dinners, you cannot neglect your personality if you want to move into society.

You must have excellent general knowledge

Some 24/7 party clients demand drug use for the session, but I caution you to be very mindful of the temptation to get high with clients (chem-sex or partying). Try to avoid this as much as you can, or stick to moderation as a basic policy.

If you live in a country with free health care, have regular checkups, and be honest with your doctor. Ask for information about medicines that are used to enhance sexual pleasure. Discuss the best protection measures used during physical intimacy. It would help if you had a condom with you while going for a date. Use it to avoid STDs. 

Self-care is important

You cannot say yes to certain things just for others’ pleasure and put your health at risk. Be courageous and say no if someone demands oral or unprotected sex. It is your right to take precautions. If you accidentally get an STD, do not feel shy to discuss it with your doctors and take timely treatment. 

High-class Park Lane girls should remain cautious and keep enjoying life!