The use of Cosmetics in a variety of ways

Elite London escorts are very high users within the cosmetics industry. It is a vast sector, with people from all over the world of different cultures doing their best to make themselves look good. While mainstream women mainly use cosmetics, brunette models and blonde call girls have the highest usage rates. Though cosmetics are also sometimes used by men for various reasons.

Times are changing. Many cheaper working girls don’t want to make themselves as attractive as possible to the opposite sex anymore. Men also do it for professional reasons. Plus, of course, also cosmetics are used in entertainment and other industries.

Special Skills in Demand

Famous blonde celebrity Londoner Sarah, worked as a Kensington call girl, 24/7, with the top agency PalaceVIP, for three years. She is also a skilled cosmetics expert and receives requests for all sorts of escorting makeup jobs. One common request that she receives is from a local amateur dramatics group that asks for her help whenever they are performing.

Sarah says that she loves to help out. It allows Sarah to try out new cosmetics technologies, learn new tricks, and get behind the scenes and be a part of the fantastic productions there.

Sarah receives other requests from high class babes who want to be one of the VIP, 24/7 models.  This is including men that have a professional career and want to make themselves look presentable as possible. Having a healthy appearance will make it easier for people to have self-confidence. You can use only a little make-up, and it can make all the difference when it comes to closing that all-important deal.

Story of Sarah

Sarah finds that her skills as a make-up artist give her a new hobby. She enjoys most is helping her VIP escort friends get ready before they go out to work. They are commonly using cosmetics from the top brands. Websites all have girls using cosmetics in their photos to make themselves look much more glamourous than in reality.

Websites using girls’ images, can also be advertising brands of cosmetics. But they don’t. Why? Young models are high-value customers for cosmetics brands. They consume 300% more cosmetics than the average girl.

They look hot because they are always using top cosmetics. Many girls use cosmetics, but why are guys starting to use them too? Social media has influenced girls and guys. They are exploring new and better ways to use the tools that girls have been using for decades.

Guys using high-class escort girls’ cosmetics has been going on for centuries. But now it’s becoming visible in public again. And it’s busty models that have triggered the revival. Most gay types have been responsible for the take-up. But straight guys also have started using cosmetics too. Just don’t think cosmetics are only for elite London escorts. Even some pets have started being made over. Amazingly, the uses that are people are thinking about is broadening.