The world’s most popular foods

Food is a necessity for all high class Mayfair escort models; we would die without it. In addition to being essential for life, however, it is also something that we can enjoy. As humankind gained knowledge of the world, it began experimenting with different ingredients. Also, various techniques are involved in creating a massive range of dishes.

The types of dishes worldwide would vary significantly because of the ingredients available and several other factors. This lead to a wide variety of different cuisines we find today also in the city. Here are some of the world’s most popular international cuisines available today and enjoyed by high class Knightsbridge girls from escort agency PalaceVIP.


Pizza is perhaps the ultimate convenience food for elite London escorts. A delicious, freshly cooked pizza can often be delivered quickly, no matter where you may be. Italian cuisine has a lot more to offer than just pizza though, of course. Pasta has enjoyed the world over and comes in a wide range of varieties. Plus, one can prepare it fast, and it is delicious and most affordable.

Sauces made with herbs, spices and other ingredients go well with just about any meal. Whether you are eating meats or vegetables, it is always delicious when cooked in an Italian fashion.


Fine-dining masters as the French cuisine offer an incredible range of perfectly cooked dishes is always a pleasure on the palate. Succulent meats cooked to perfection with delectable sides are a delight to any food lover. Tasty desserts are also a treat once the main course finishes. Plus, of course, flavorful wines with which the 24/7 call girls love to end a delicious meal.


Flavorful Thai cuisine has made a relatively recent surge up the list of favourites. The banquet-style dining is popular among many posh models that wish to try different dishes when eating. There’s also a chance of finding something new for those that want new experiences.

Of the dishes are very spicy for those that love some sensation while eating. There is also a range of mild dishes for those that are less adventurous. All in all, Thai cuisine is very varied and has something to offer people of all preferences.


While not exactly considered to be the epitome of posh fine-dining, American cuisine is still trendy. In particular, Burgers are favoured worldwide, and fast food burger chains are available across the planet. American cuisine is often calorie-packed and not for those fussy girls that eat with health in mind. It is, however, delicious and also very convenient.

If you are in a hurry and needs to fuel up, some American cuisine could be just what you need. Don’t forget, of course, that any burger goes down even better with American Coca-Cola.

When it comes to food, what we prefer is very much a matter of personal preference. What one person will enjoy will not be liked at all by another. Still, though, some cuisines have become more popular than others around the world 24/7. Busty Kensington models when compared to elite London escorts from agency PalaceVIP, are the most privileged as they have time and money to explore all the worlds cuisines in the famous city. The list above is a concise selection of what is available; the good news is that there is so much more to try.

Elite London escorts are well travelled and actually can claim validly that they are an authority on this topic.