Top 7 Possible Reasons You Keep Attracting Toxic Partners

Constantly attracting toxic partners can be frustrating. If you’ve been in the dating game for a long time, look back at those people you’ve been with. Are they toxic or pleasant people? Your answer will determine your type of personality. Toxic people tend to make your life miserable. They are abusive and often complain about high class city escorts or anything you do, no matter how hard you try. One thing that is always absent whenever you date people of this type is happiness. As convenient as it is to point accusing fingers at these type of partners, you may want to look into your life. Why do you keep attracting toxic partners? Is something wrong with you or with them?

Well, let us take a look at 7 possible reasons you keep attracting toxic partners 24/7.

You Are Always Hiding Your Real Personality

Trying to be someone you are not at cause a lot of problems. Let people know the real “you”. By this, you’ll be able to attract people who share similar traits with you. But have you ever wondered why you are trying so hard to be someone else? You need to address that issue first because it may be something serious. And the earlier you see yourself as valuable the better your chances of attracting high class city escorts. When you are not being your real self, you constantly have to pretend in front of others, which is not healthy. In long term, you tend to forget who you actually are and it causes harm to your personality.

You Have a Low Self-Esteem

A lack of confidence in yourself will make others see nothing worthwhile in you. Sometimes, it may lead to desperation, which is all the sign toxic people need to strike. Love yourself the way you are. The way you project yourself to people is the way they’ll see you. If you are always complaining about your weight, job, family, female partner and career, then you are preparing to fail. Acceptance is the first step towards happiness and the sooner you learn this, easier your life becomes. Learn to be grateful about your present state and always work towards improving yourself. You will see that your life is now a lot happier partying than it was before.

You Are A Perfectionist

It is good to have standards but ensure your standards are not too high.  Accept high class city escorts the way they are or they’ll keep pretending to be who they are not. You are not perfect. No one is perfect. Everyone is trying their best to become better every day. But if you keep expecting people to be the way you’ve pictured them in your mind, they’ll go through any length to achieve this. However, you will suffer the consequences of their decision later on, especially when you have fallen in love with them. When this painted picture loses its colour, then we realize that we have fallen for the wrong person and feeling sorry is the only thing we can do for ourselves.

You Have Some Unresolved Issues

If you’ve been hurt several times in relationships, it would be best you take a break for some time. Sure, relationships are ways to have fun but you may keep getting hurt if you don’t take the time to prepare for dating. Most times, you may be the one creating problems for yourself unknowingly. That’s why you need to settle the unresolved issues which may include failed relationships. Consider making an appointment with your therapist to help you in this area. Sometimes talking to unknown people like the counsellors and therapists often help to bring out the hidden things and make us feel lighter. Or talk directly to your busty to resolve the issues and move ahead in your life.

You Don’t Want To Be Alone

Being single is not a bad thing. But if you keep thinking something is wrong or you’re missing out on a great opportunity, there may be a problem. People who know how to enjoy their company, and have invested in their lives are always in the best position to choose healthy female partners. Whenever you feel lonely, consider engaging yourself in partying or some productive activity. Take time to revive some old hobby or interest and it will make you feel happy and light.

You Are Always Trying To Fix People

This is one mistake you should avoid as much as possible. It is almost impossible to change busty if they don’t see anything wrong with their attitude. Trying to make them into what you want will always lead to disappointments. And that’s why you keep getting hurt. Of course, healthy relationships with blondes are always filled with fun, laughter and happiness. But you need to be happy, regardless of whatever is going on in your life, before considering relationships. No one in life can make you happy, except yourself. If you keep relying on a partner to make you happy, they’ll feel powerful and can become manipulative. The result is always unpleasant.

Always try to create happiness from things around you, happiness in relationships will be a bonus. Do not let your happiness depend on the high class girl. Your happiness is in your own hands and you are responsible to keep yourself happy 24/7.

You Love Pleasing People

Oftentimes, when you find yourself pleasing people at your own expense, they’ll keep taking you for granted. This still boils down to how you see yourself. There’s a chance that you feel if you don’t give these toxic partners what they want, they’ll leave. Unfortunately, what you don’t know is that toxic people are never contented. They are like blondes who come back for more and more. So, if you love yourself, learn to say “No” from now on. Work towards realizing your self-worth and improving yourself. By doing this, toxic partners will think twice before coming near you.