Blondes are using Ferraris to add value to their service.

It’s a dream come true for many high class call girls to sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Most would jump at the opportunity to do so, even if only for a few hours. Such is the demand that some businesses specialise in renting out high-end luxury cars and supercars for a short space of time. Some also allow renting high-performance cars for a day to race at the track. Some with such opportunities often being given as gifts to loved ones that are car fanatics.

Anybody looking for a special night out surrounded by prestige and glamour might consider renting a particular top luxury vehicle for the occasion. Stretched limousines are often booked by groups of people on a special evening out, while others might book a sports car, or maybe a Rolls-Royce or Bentley if they are trying to impress. Workers in the elite Chelsea escorts industry is looking to supercars to add value to their services. In giving their clients an extraordinary evening out indeed.

A Chauffeur with a Difference.

24/7 Park lane models quite often find themselves in glamorous surroundings. Their client hopes to attend high-brow events with a beautiful lady on their arm. With such glamour, it only seems fitting that a symbol of prestige such as a Ferrari should be part of the service. It is something that has so far proven to be a huge success. Not only are some girls now able to get more regular quality bookings, but they can also charge more for their services.

25-year-old elite London escort Lucy has been a call girl for four years. She said: “The agency mentioned it to us last month. And we all thought straight away that it was a great idea”. She added, “We’ve all been very excited about it. When we first got to drive the cars a couple of weeks ago it was such a buzz”. “They are quite tricky to drive through, and we all have to take lessons in driving a supercar before we are allowed behind the wheel”. She concluded.

A Great Package Deal.

As should be expected, a high class London escorts service with Ferrari rental for the evening will have a premium attached. But for those that can afford it is well worth it. Demand for the extra benefit has been very high, with the Ferraris being in use every night. Because they were made available to the escort agency 24/7. The agency negotiated a deal with the rental company. They get to use the cars at a rate that is lower than standard fees. Such is the success so far that the agency is considering negotiating a rental deal for more cars. Maybe even buying one for themselves.

Other VIP party deals are available without cars if they are not needed. The VIP services of Mayfair remain affordable to those whose budget is not relatively so high. Suppose you are feeling a little flush though and want to treat yourself. Then what better way than an evening on the town in a Ferrari with a stunning busty model?

Russian city call girls should use hot cars for every date says the top busty model for paid sex in Mayfair.