Want a Call Girl? Write a Good Bio!

Most people who want to have a good time do not know what to do when contacting an elite model. That explains why they do not attract premium call girls. To attract the right girl, you must be willing to go an extra step so that high class London escorts can want to be with you. Let me take the cat out of the bag and tell you a little secret. Though money is a significant factor when deciding which client to go out with, it is not the only factor. Contrary to popular belief, a call girl will go out with you if you have a pleasing personality and do not come out as arrogant. If you craft the right message, you will attract the right escort.

The Perfect Bio to Attract a Call Girl

The following are examples of bad introductions that you should avoid:

“Hey, I am Dan from Manchester. I am 5’6, and dry spell is killing me. I need you now!”

“Hello, I am Dan, and I want to pump tonight.”

“What’s up? I am Dan from the capital city of the UK, and I am a Bull with a donkey’s penis. Interested in fast cash? Holla.”

The above introductions will get a response. However, the answer will not be from elite models. It will be from girls who are looking for cheap money with no other added value. To only attract high class London escorts, take time to write a good bio.

Example of a Good Bio

Tell her about your name and character traits that will make you stand out. For example, you can say that you are funny and are passionate about the green economy. Tell her what you are looking for apart from sex. That is because she already has other messages of men who have probably told her the same thing.

An example of a good escort bio is like this: “Hey there, I hope you are doing great. The name is Dan from the capital city, and by the look of your profile, you seem like a good person to hang out with. I am 25 years of age, a scientist, and a conservationist. I hope to relax my mind and have a good time. If you are free, kindly let me know so I can plan my timetable. Thanks.”

The above message tells the model more about you and makes her willing to respond. The fact that you used words such as “Kindly” suggests that you are a gentle person. Also, you even go a step further to ask if she is free. Similarly, this shows that you respect her time and what she does.

The Meet-Up

Once you have introduced yourself, expect to receive feedback. If she is free, she will ask you to send her an address and the time. Make sure you are not late. During the meetup, start with formalities and explain what you hope to achieve from the meeting.

In conclusion, once you meet the call girl, explain what you want. Do you want an erotic massage? Or perhaps a good time under the sheets? Make this clear, and you will have a good time.