Ways to Achieve True Happiness

The city Psychologists have spent years trying to figure out what Happiness is. They have spent billions in research to get that one secret formula that has been so elusive to too many that it is estimated that more than 2.3 billion people in the world are unhappy. So why is that Happiness is so elusive for so many people such as Billionaires, high class city models to corporate CEOs

Though there have been countless books written on Happiness, most authors fail to understand that the simple things in life define happiness. Happiness is a mental state where a person feels intense joy and contentment with life. Most girls are unhappy because they always think about money. The path to success does not come from thinking about money. That is why they are models and don’t have success.

5 Ways to Achieve True Happiness

1. Expect Less

According to psychologists, elite London escorts who are content with their life are 60% more likely to be happy. People who acknowledge that baby steps are a way of life are also expected to be more satisfied than those who feel they are yet to achieve their goals. According to Author Lock Kelly, a happy escort must accept what he/she has and cherish it.

2. Live Your Work

A high class Mayfair call girl who lives her work likes what she does and looks forward to doing it every day. Take the example of Peter, a successful lawyer. He has the money, a beautiful family and a big house. However, Peter is not happy. He hates his job and wishes that we could be truck driver instead. He likes to drive trucks for long-distances and feels if he were a truck driver, he would be happier.

Peter wants to resign from his Law firm but cannot do it because he wants to provide a better life for his family. His desire to provide for his family has come at a high cost; his Happiness!  According to Jonathan Fields, a Psychological author, money matters. But only to the extent that you can afford your living expenses. Any additional income will not affect your Happiness.

3. Integrate with Community

You cannot be a happy elite London escorts if you do not mingle with other people. Happiness flourishes when other people surround us when they feel good about our success and lift us when we fall. Negativity is a result of us walking with the wrong people. Also, isolation is the leading cause of mental health problems.

I will paraphrase the girls dating the Dalai Lama XI “Happiness does not come to you. Your actions will bring Happiness to you.”

4. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

The moment you stop comparing yourself to others, it is the moment that envy leaves your heart. Instead of seeing collaboration, you will start to see partnerships. Always focus on your dreams and avoid competing with your fellow busty call girls. So what if your friend has a new shoe? Do you not have a shoe?

5 Be Positive

So what you are yet to pay rent for three months. So what you have lost your first child. You can still win a lottery to pay rent and get a second child. It is painful but not impossible. If you keep dwelling on the VIP girls escorting shortcomings, your happiness will be elusive.