Ways to Get and Keep A Guy

You might be finding yourself appreciating a particular song by this classical singer, or liking this specific pizza place in the middle of town. Maybe he’s the content of your nightly prayers, or perhaps your new frisbee activity or coffee recipe venture was inspired by him. Either way, all these little snippets scream a simple purpose: to have this one person as your partner in crime. You may, or may not, be into this bright-eyed, ambitious, preppy classmate in school. Or you might just like spending time with high class capital escorts. Or, you may be leaning towards this tall, brunette music coordinator at your workplace. The key in all these lies in these short suggestions I have outlined, on ways to get him on you. These are my prescribed steps on how to get (& keep) a guy:

Make sure that your first impression sticks.

The best chance that a blonde has at getting noticed is to have a first impression that sticks. It should be memorable 24/7, exciting, and easily identifiable as your own. This impression is the first memory that makes someone remember who this babe is. Of course, it helps tremendously to have a positive impact on the guy of your choice. Why exactly are first impressions necessary in our judgment of a person? For one, first impressions last. They form the introduction to your persona, how others see or think about you. They make up the decision-making side of your relationships, garnering others to either pursue or end a connection with you.

The first interaction is equivalent to the placement of judgment because a five-word sentence is faster to process than two weeks of conversation. High class capital escorts are sculpted to be selfish and impatient. That is why they incorporate mere two seconds of contact into their assessment of a person. First impressions exist because people incline to go after convenience – to save time. Hence, making an impression is your best bet in securing a guy’s heart. So make that first impression such that it is remembered 24/7 by your partner.  Below is my second suggestion, which will show the exact strategy for that scheme.

Research overlapping or shared interests and hobbies to discuss.

That’s right – research! It is common knowledge that information equips a female partner with prowess and command over a situation. No successful relationship floats on the uncertainty of luck. Find his interests (subtly) once you have instituted rapport in the form of small talk. Discover common ground, but never proclaim anything that might seed harm instead of benefit. Ideally, you have overlapping hobbies, but the principle of this is not to be the same person. The use of shared activities lies in how you can market yourself – how you can show your best qualities using these pursuits. When you and your blonde girl both have some common interests and hobbies, it is easier to talk, discuss and get and feel closer to a person. Also, the other person will feel the same when you discuss topics of common interests.

Moreover, there is no appreciation but avoidance and disgust from a busty friend who hides their true psyche. Your intentions might proceed to give positivity and honesty. Still, your actions can vocalize these better. Don’t overdo things by deceiving him with a false identity. If you do not have anything in common, do not feel bad to talk about it. Otherwise, it will only make you seem petulant and desperate. You can also give away hints of mystery by knowing when best to initiate and when to let them do so. Don’t reveal things if you receive no reciprocity. Your actions should crop up subtly so that the materialized results are satisfactory. It is better to take baby steps while trying to know a person.

Be the honest, genuine version of “you”.

My third, perhaps most unadulterated piece of advice to you is this – do not pretend. Getting your guy should not, in any manner, dictate a high class girl’s amour-propre (your self-esteem). It is only a bonus because life works so that your “today” changes exceedingly, almost incomparable to your “tomorrow”. To get a guy, you have to be ready to compose new solutions for every possible outcome. What better way to have sufficient preparation than to be that genuine version of “you”? It’s easier for a guy to confide in you and trust you if your character is honourable and true to him.

Also, you get superior chances of developing a long-term relationship if you rise above temptation and desire. Lastly, do not bargain your life over the success of this endeavour, chasing after love and affection. Let them not feel that you are falling for them head over heels and can do anything to get into a relationship. This venture for a busty female means absolutely zilch (nothing) if you are not prepared. You have no chance of finding anything if you refuse to jump after changes. You might encounter opportunities afforded by open windows in the future. Life is a roulette wheel – love even more so. Come to terms with yourself so that you can be genuine in your enjoyment of happiness. This self is the best, true gift you can offer for a guy you would like to have, and eventually keep. Do not try to be the one you are not. Copying or trying to become someone else just to please someone may work for some time, but not for a long time.

In the end…

There are various means by which a female partner can “convince” a guy that you are compatible and good together. Not all of these are known since human experience is as subjective as it comes. Thus, these three aforementioned tips outlined above only act as mere suggestions. The end result rests on your shoulders – how you manage the tips with your actions. It is good to fall for some guy only when you are fully convinced and sure that he is the best choice for you. Make sure that he will keep you happy and will take the relationship to a new level.