Ways to Know a Non-Committal Guy

As high class escort models, It becomes excruciating when you date a man for more than ten months, but he still does not show any signs of being committed. Please do not beat yourself over it because this is a common predicament that many busty women find themselves in. They lack the skills to know whether the man they are dating is the committal type or not.

In most cases, we female elite London escorts start dating men hoping that they will be committed to us even though he shows signs of red flags. It is better to date a man knowing that he will never be dedicated to you rather than investing your time and energy into a fruitless relationship. The more we understand men, the better it liberates us from self-blaming thoughts that may make us feel inadequate about ourselves.

4 Ways to Know a Non-Commital Guy

The following signs will make you understand non-commital men so that you are better positioned to protect yourselves emotionally.

1. Understand his View on Love

The best way to know whether a guy will be committal or not is to understand his view on love. Does he think that dating an elite London escorts can lead to marriage in the future? If it is no, then he will not be committed to that relationship. Also, does he believe that true love exists or people cohabitate with each other until they die? If he does not believe in true love, he will not try to make it work.

2. What is His Tone About Past Relationships?

You must be very cautious with how you approach this topic. Ask him to explain to you what happened between him and his Ex.  Does he blame his girlfriend for the breakup? If so, what does he think he did wrong in the relationship? If the guy lays all the blame on his past? Then he is probably a narcissist.

3. What is His View About the Perfect Couple Down the Street?

Yes, everyone knows about that couple down the street that seems to have a perfect marriage. They are 60 years old but still walk together holding hands. Also, couples in the neighbourhood go to them for advice and keep them in high esteem. However, when it comes to your city partner, he still thinks that they are faking it, and the marriage will probably crumble in the next few months.

Trust me when I tell you that a partner with this kind of reasoning is a “No-go zone.” He will find ways of sabotaging your marriage and will not put much effort into it.

4. How Many Years Does He Consider Enough to Know a Person?

Most high class men will say 12- 24 months. That is ok. However, if he says 3 – 4 years, then know that he is not willing to commit to the relationship. These are the kind of busty park Lane escorting girls we call a dragger. An escort dragger drags the relationship for as long he can or until he gets a new catch.