Why are some Relationships difficult to Handle

Why there is a lack of trustworthiness in a relationship these days especially for women that works as high class city escorts. And why it has become so difficult to handle some relationships. Know the reasons that make your relationship weaker. The fear of losing each other and being over-interfering and caring sometimes makes relationships cumbersome. “He belongs to me and only loves me”, such a notion becomes a matter of concern, and despite not talking, quarrelling over petty issues becomes a cause of stress.

Sometimes it happens that you are in a toxic relationship, but for fear of losing it, you tend to avoid wrong things, which are not positive for an efficient relationship. You are so deep in love and do not want your love to be away from you 24/7. Some similar symptoms can cause a break in the relationship. Why this happens, why there is a lack of trustworthiness in a relationship and why it has become so difficult to handle relationships. Let’s know about some points that sometimes overpower a relationship and spoil them

  • Fear of loneliness
  • Get used to
  • Fear of missing out
  • Feeling of insecurity

Fear of loneliness

Again, the fear of loneliness does not let you enjoy that moment with your partner in peace. While you are well aware that he will not be able to stay with you for a long time, yet you are ready to compromise. The reason for this compromise is that you think you will manage him being with anyone else, but you can never manage yourself without him. Therefore you do not like to be kept away from him. You are afraid of loneliness because of the fear of how you will live without him.

Loneliness is a common human emotion. But, unlike other emotions, this can be devastating. Some experts call loneliness itself a disease. It can have a complex and multi-level effect on anyone’s psychological health. Human beings are social animals. They cannot be left alone. Although, the human mind has mechanisms to handle loneliness. But, sometimes medical intervention is required to treat issues related to loneliness. Loneliness can be damaging to the overall health of an individual. Loneliness can happen to anyone at any age. A child can be lonely because he or she might not be able to make friends. An older person might be lonely as they lost their partner. Both, of them, will behave differently towards the situation. A child needs special care to cope up with his problem, whereas an adult can easily contemplate the situation and handle himself well by spending time with high class city escorts.

Get used to something

Sonia, an elite escort, loves her partner very much, he has made her partner the centre of her life. But her partner is not treating her well. She still tolerates him thinking that things will be fine after some time. But actually, this does not happen. Sonia’s partner treats her badly because of her being an escort and she still keeps on listening to him. This is because Sonia is now used to all the abuse and even the fear of being separated makes her listen to all this. This happens only because somewhere in Sonia’s past, such a similar incident has happened earlier. Perhaps this is the reason that the fear of separating from her partner always haunts her and her habit gives her partner a chance to dominate her even more.

Fear of missing out

Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO is being afraid of something that doesn’t really exist. Overthinking about something and creating misunderstanding about your female companion about what will happen next, what will the future be like? Will the two of us be able to live together forever? Many such questions bring you restlessness and you are always worried about these things. In the case of men, they keep thinking that, “She is a beautiful elite model, she can get anyone, but what will happen to me, who will I get then?” How will I live alone? ” This is the reason why you are not satisfied with yourself and there is always a fear of losing, because of which you are longing for love.

Some people are anxious all the time about missing out on something. This affects their relationship and social life. They might seem to be an enthusiast but such people jump to a conclusion quickly and without giving a second thought. Such behaviour will destroy the individual’s own self-esteem. This will also destroy any relationship. A relationship requires patience, care and support. A person who is always in a fear of missing out does not have these traits. They cannot commit to any relationship as they are always anxious, unstable and restless. Most of the times such people are possessive about their partner. Anything can trigger their anxiety and suspicion.

Feeling of insecurity

The feeling of insecurity is a matter of doubt in everyone’s mind. Understanding yourself when comparing yourself to someone weakens your confidence. Doing this often you fail to understand the value of your personality. You also feel insecure about your partner. If your partner that works as one of the high class city escorts does not have a relationship with anyone other than you, this feeling is natural for every woman or man. People can feel insecure about anything. They might be insured about their finances, or career or even about their relationship. This is a natural process. But, sometimes, with some people, it becomes a psychological problem. Anxiety and depression are the two outcomes resulting from a high level of insecurity in a person.

It is always better to nip the evil in the bud. Any type of insecurity should not be allowed to overwhelm your personality. When you find yourself in any of such situations, free yourself and give yourself time. Spend some time in the lap of nature. Spending some with nature will give you some peace of mind and a feeling of security within. Also, give your relationship some sense of openness.  Your female companion will love this freedom. This will not only ease your relationship from undue stress but also add new scops to grow. Your relationship will only grow stronger with such a positive approach.