Women find men with grey hair attractive, learn why?

Whether it is Brad Pitt  or George Clooney of Hollywood, there is something so special that the eyes stop at these men. Their grey hair makes their personality attractive for high class capital escorts. Their chiselled face, the well-made body is well complemented by their grey hair. It increases their look by manifolds. Women find them drooling over these handsome men and these men have fans all over the world. Busty women are happy to do anything to just get a glimpse of these hot men.

Recently, a survey conducted by the online dating site Match.com revealed that women like men whose hair texture is turning grey. Of the women who participated in this survey, 72 per cent of the participants voted for men with grey hair. Female partners find men with greying hair more fun and attractive. Blondes wish to spend time with such men. According to women, men with grey hair more mature and understanding than other men. Based on this, it can be said that girls find men with grey hair more attractive than men with normal hair.

Let us see why high class capital escorts find men with grey hair more attractive. And, these are just not mere speculations or fancies of a grey-haired man. These are real facts backed up with surveys and shreds of evidence.

Don’t look too old

According to the survey conducted by an online dating site, high class girls like men with grey hair but they should not look old in it. Women like those men who have a mix of white and black hair. That hair should make them look attractive but not old. This kind of hair is known as salt and pepper hair. Not only this, but the pattern of grey hair also matters. According to the participants in this survey, men have lesser white hair in some patterns than whole white hair.

Girls do not find those men that attractive who have more white hair than black hair on their head. More white hair shows that the guy is older and busty women do not find such guys attractive and want to be with them. But, on the other hand, if a man has a mix of white hair along with black hair, then that man is far more appealing and attractive for a girl.

Similar to their fathers

According to a study by a researcher at the University of St Andrew’s, Scotland, it is not new for high class capital escorts to be attracted to men who look similar to their fathers. Every girl or a woman has a dream man and most females want their dream man to be similar to their father. Not only in mannerisms but if a guy also has some looks like the females’ father, she will certainly be drawn towards such a guy. She will see her father in that guy and will like him more than other guys around. It also gives a girl a sense of security and security. This is one of the major reasons why women feel drawn towards men with grey hair.

Symbol of maturity for women

We all know that people seek understanding and maturity in their female partners which comes with age. On most occasions, the hair of men starts ripening after a certain age and due to this, the white hair is taken as a sign of maturity. We mostly see old people with white hair and full of maturity to whom other people go for advice. They get a feeling that their guy with grey hair is a mature guy who can handle her with grace and dignity. Every woman wants good treatment by a man with whom she is. Because of this, women also prefer men with grey hair.

More Trustworthy

Blondes believe that the guy with grey hair not only mature as he has seen the world, but also trustworthy. Most young guys keep hopping from one girl to another and women do not trust them much. As women are mostly looking for a long term relation, they are also looking for trustworthy men 24/7. When they see a guy with grey hair, it gives them the feeling of him being mature and trustworthy. This is another big reason why women like men with grey hair.

True to their looks

Girls like those men who are true to their looks and carry them confidently. If a guy has grey hair, a high class girl has more chance to like him. This is compared to a man who colours his hair black. If a man colours his hair black, it shows that they are trying to hide their age. It also indicates that they and are not comfortable with their looks. They do not want to age with maturity and are still not comfortable with their age. Women do not tend to like such men. Those men who are comfortable with their grey hair and do not colour them have a greater chance of being liked by women. Grey hair also gives a sign that the man is comfortable as he is and does not wish to hide his age in name fashion or anything.

If you also have grey hair and thinking 24/7 of colouring them black so that blondes will like you more.  Hold yourself and reading the above article, you will know that women like men with grey hair more. Women find such men with grey hair more trustworthy than other men.


Men with grey hairs were considered to be out of the competition when it comes to wooing a high class girl. But new surveys have proved that the reality is just the opposite. Younger or older females equally prefer men with grey hairs irrespective of age. And therefore, many men are nowadays not colouring their hairs black. Some men even colour their grey to get the attention of women. If your hairs are turning grey with the age then you should be happy after reading this article. Keep them as they are and you will attract more women.