You just can’t beat the thrill of motorcycle racing

Motorcycle racing is an exciting sport with riders risking life and limb. They are crazy as they race around the circuit at break-neck speeds with little protection. The sheer speed and acceleration of racing motorbikes make for an incredibly exhilarating spectator sport.

The incredible smells and the sounds combine with the thrill to prepare for a great day out. “For millions around the world, motorcycle racing is the greatest sport there is,” says a high class Mayfair escort, Jodie. Jodie is one of the top elite London escorts for PalaceVIP.

Something Interesting

Some sporty models in town are bought up with the sport as a family takes them to watch events from a young age, while many others will not attend a game until later in life. Another busty call girl Jane, who has been with PalaceVIP for several years, went for the first time in her late 20s and was hooked from the first event.

Jane found that the atmosphere at these race events was electric. Unlike anything, she’d experienced anywhere else, and arranged to go to another game as soon as possible.

Meeting New People

Jane says that she has also found that there is generally a friendly crowd at race events. And made new friends along the way. She also takes along some other colleagues with her when she gets the chance, and they, too, have a great time whenever they go.

So far, Jane has only made it to top events within the country. But is planning a trip around Europe to take in more circumstances overseas as a 24/7 party girl.

Supermodel Jane has found the next vocation she declared. Her elite London escorts friend invites her to ride bikes. Not push pedal or electric ones. She has been invited to help with big motorbikes.