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Brasilia, Brazil Escorts

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Everybody wants to have a taste of Brazil. You may even be one of them. This is because of the fact that the country is just too lovely to miss. And of course, the people, nobody can resist their unique hospitality and passion for welcoming visitors. This trait is particularly reflected among Brasilia escort models from London Escorts 24/7 Agency PalaceVIP. This is one good reason why hiring one of them to be your tour guide around the city is the best decision you will ever be making. These girls are famous for their looks; sun tanned skin as well as their lovely Portuguese accent. You’ll never go wrong in hiring their services.

Brasilia, even though it is considered the capital of Brazil, is not the main tourist attraction of the country. But, it has an extremely impressive architecture which draws tourists who are passionate about anything related to architecture and designs. There are beaches also, where you can enjoy the scenery while facing the gorgeous ocean.

Speaking of architecture, you need to visit the Cathedral of Brasilia which is a catholic church with a very unique and elegant design. It is not like all other churches because of its uniquely designed interiors and outdoor premises. Another interesting place to visit is the residence of the president, the Palacio dos Arcos or known as Palacio Itamaraty.


Brasilia, Brazil


There is also a need to visit Praca dos Tres Poderes which is a square where the three main branches of the government, the executive, legislature, and the judiciary branches, are located. You can also visit the Brasilia National Park to get a glimpse of animals and plants which are only available in Brazil.

For museums, you and your lovely Brasilia escort service model should definitely visit the Memorial to President Kubitschek, which is a museum of the late president. It explains much about the history of Brasilia.

If you want to get a top view of the city, you can certainly visit the television tower. All over city, this is the best spot to enjoy the view down below. The best thing about it is that it is free. Paranoa Lake is also a good spot to watch the sunset. There are a number of restaurant choices, as well as a park and a lake.


Brasilia, Brazil

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