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Oh la la Argentina! For sure, Argentina is one of your dream places to visit. After all, this is quite a popular country. News sound all over the world that the people here are great. Women are beautiful, in particular. Therefore, before setting out on your tour around the city, why not hire the services of an extremely attractive Buenos Aires escort lady to help you understand everything that the city has to offer.


Here are some trivia about Buenos Aires. First, the people here are called Portia's, as they are people of the port. Being an area located along the shoreline, the city is considered as a top tourist destination in all of the country. It is also host to a rich cultural civilization, as well as infrastructures with European style architecture. It is also the city with the most number of theaters in the world. Amazing huh!


Indeed, Buenos Aires is a charming city. You can start your fantastic escort party experience by becoming a Boca fan. This is an exotic display of singing and leaping cheering while being donned in a fluffy yellow and blue hat in support of Maradona's team. If you have the guts for it, maybe try eating intestines and other delicacies famous in Buenos Aires for a truly sumptuous Argentinean feast.



Buenos Aires, Argentina



Enjoy getting lost among tombs and mausoleums by visiting Cementerio de la Recoleta, which is an amazing necropolis, located in one of Buenos Aires most exclusive location. As a treat, you can even see Evita's flower strewn monument and feel the city's past.



One thing remarkable about Buenos Aires is the city's love for tango. Milongas, or tango nights exude in social clubs as escorts enjoy ballroom dancing. First timers should never hesitate getting on the groove as Argentineans are a very welcoming group of people.


And oh, another thing! In Buenos Aires, you can find hotels called Telos, where you can bring your exciting Buenos Aires Elite Escort models. You can rent these telos by the hour and you will be amazed of its themed rooms with water beds, mirrored ceilings and the like. Rampa Car is the most popular around the area so you might as well check it out.