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Elite London Escorts for International Travel from PalaceVIP? Well, not really. We outsource all the travelling opportunities for our Russian partner based in Moscow. The reason is that they have the most fantastic selection of girls fresh and inviting. Do you know why? Can I tell you one of the biggest secrets in the whole industry, in the entire world? If you promise not to tell anyone else? OK.. and this is the truth!.. in Russia, about 60%-70% of girls who have regular jobs, have to sleep with the boss. It's in the current culture of Russia.


Every Russian company boss, (Hotel, Restaurants, Offices, Banks, Shops, etc etc) has his girls that he sleeps with from the office. And they sleep with the boss to keep their job which is designed to be a low salary. And they have to be with the boss for tips. That is why so many Russian girls travel the world as escorts. Because for them, it's a healthy life to be an escort. Many of them love it in the beginning. Making a transition from an office job in Russia to a full-time escort job in the world is not as significant a change for them as you might think.


The downside of this is that the girls have formed a particular view about all guys. And that is almost impossible to change. There are currently estimated to be more than 2 Million Russian call girls travelling the world.