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Policies and Procedures Statement

Removal of Photos upon receiving requests from the owner

We will immediately and automatically remove photos from the galleries of the websites when requested by the owner subject to the following conditions.

Where the girl has been manipulated or coerced to do so by a competitor we may delay the removal process while an investigation is completed. Several competitors are consistently scare mongering or making false promises to girls with promises of extra jobs if they remove their photos from the palace site. We have found on research amongst our more than 200 girls that these promises are temporary and are misleading them and as such as not reasonable competitive behaviour. This is conditional of course to the other policies in this statement being present.

Where the girl has turned down jobs consistently and completely disregarded our advertising and marketing efforts we may at our discretion charge up to £50 per week for our costs of marketing, advertising and providing reception services, as per our terms and conditions of application for work with us. Where the girl has unpaid fees from jobs sent to her. Including fees for work she accepted but failed to complete.

Where the escort submitted photos to us and then changed her mind within the initial period and she did not pay the administration fee as per the terms and conditions of application for work. The Administration fee covers interviewing and training costs for staff as well as costs for adding her profile to the website and the other administrative systems of the agency. Registered & Protected