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Hot Babes tell us contrary to the meaning of the country’s name, Iceland’s temperature rarely drops below -15C during the wintertime. This is precisely because the Gulf Stream’s warm water moderates the weather. Therefore, unlike what you may initially have in mind, you will certainly not freeze to death in the city of Reykjavik, the country’s capital.

There are a lot of cool things to do in Reykjavik. Most of them you can enjoy fully if you are in the company of beautiful Reykjavik babes from agency PalaceVIP. Busty 24/7 hotties can be flown there in 24 hours. These ladies know the area pretty well, and they can serve as the best tour guide for you, as well as the perfect companion buddy during your stay in the lovely city of Reykjavik.

You and your Reykjavik model can undoubtedly enjoy all the quirky and beautiful surprises this city has to offer. This city is just a small city. Only around 320 000 live in this city. The size of the town makes it feasible for you to enjoy a stroll around the city. This is the best way to know the city well, by exploring and strolling around.

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Blondes can visit the city’s ultra-modern concert hall named Harpa, or perhaps have a glimpse of the beautiful and unique Hallgrimskirkja church. You can even have a plus if you go up the tower for a full and fantastic view of the city. Another attraction to see is the relaxing Lake Tjornin, where you can also see the colourful and cute Icelandic horses. For the city's best shopping experience, you can undoubtedly head downtown around the Laugavegur area to explore the town's boutiques and cafes.

If you are in the city during the weekend, you certainly have to participate in that particular activity that locals enjoy during a weekend night. It is known as the Guntur; it is a bar crawl activity around the Laugavegur area.

Any blondes who want to explore the city thoroughly should join a golden circle tour that will take you to the town's countryside. There you will see an impressive view of the city’s most famous landmarks as well as its natural wonders.

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