10 Things Men Find Attractive In Women

Much of the time, your physical appearance is what attracts people to you. Aside from appearance, other factors work together to make people stay in your life. I was inspired by a few high-class girls working as elite London escorts for their beauty and the way they carry themselves.

As a lady, what are the things that make you attractive to men? This is what you are about to find out.

Some unbelievable things attract men to women. Let’s take a look at 10 of these factors.

  1. Career Success

VIP men may not say this out loud, but they are attracted to successful women at elite London escorts. Financially independent and successful women earn respect from men. It makes them feel that the woman is not with them because of money; she is financially independent.

Educated women are generally more goal-driven than those who are not. Men like confident women who introduce themselves to friends and family without being shy.

  1. Fashion Sense

When a well-dressed woman walks into an office or a party, everyone’s attention will be on her. While fashion is not a necessity for a successful relationship, it is important.

A well-dressed woman is more likely to be chosen by a man than her counterpart, who doesn’t have good dress sense. Women companions who don’t dress well in relationships are unlikely after marriage.

Good fashion sense will earn you a date with the cute guys. On the other hand, dressing shabbily will make you look older than you are, making you unattractive.

  1. Intelligence

Beauty without a brain will make a woman suffer both physically and emotionally. Most elite London escorts spend their time on things that add no value to life. They don’t read, pursue self-development, or earn a degree.

Smart men know what they want in a high-class woman they want to settle down with. If a guy plans to spend the rest of his life with a VIP woman, he’ll likely choose a smart one over a bimbo.

He’ll prefer someone who can accompany him to business meetings and dinners, conferences, and workshops. That’s the reality of life.

If you are on social media, it is important to have great fashion sense.

  1. Independence

Even though men love it when women ask for certain things, there is a limit to making requests.

In addition to physical appearance, men are attracted to women who are independent and supportive. Being needy, especially about petty things, turns men off.

VIP men love women who make rational decisions without seeking validation from others. It makes them feel safe and happy with the choice they made.

  1. Culinary Skills

Of all the skills that make a woman attractive, cooking tops the list. Babes who are creative with vegetables, fruit, salads, and other ingredients, automatically earn men’s respect.

So, if you hold the belief that cooking is for older women, then you are wrong. Men love to be cared for, and feeding them tasty foods is a sign of showing care. A caring busty girl is what most men dream about.

If you find it difficult to cook tasty meals, learn from those who are good at it. Attend a catering school, learn from your friends and family or watch YouTube videos.

  1. A Great Personality

Men are not attracted to women without much personality. Being sarcastic, rude, abusive, and touchy will only chase men away.

A woman who is nice, respectful, friendly and kind is considered someone worth keeping.

On the other hand, women companions who treat a waiter or cleaner as inferior turn men off. A man will study a woman’s personality without her knowing. He may even go as far as asking people close to her about what kind of person she is.

It’s impossible to hide a bad personality, no matter how smart a busty babe is.

  1. Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are essential when it comes to what men find attractive in escorting women. They love sexy women working in the city who can contribute meaningfully to discussions, especially with friends and family.

Let’s assume a man wants to take you on a business date with clients. He will expect you to contribute to conversations meaningfully. As a high-class woman, keep up to date with current events to not feel lost during intelligent conversations.

  1. Confidence

Nothing captivates a man more than the air of confidence radiated by a blonde. Men like babes who are comfortable with how they look and who they are. They love busty girls who joyfully embrace their imperfections regardless of what people around are saying or doing.

But, don’t embrace a posture of defeat by hunching over your office chair or walking with a stoop. When next you enter a room, raise your head high and smile.

Don’t just nod and agree with everything a man says because you believe he is always right. Present your point of view in a challenging but polite manner. That will give him enough time to think about what you’ve said.

  1. Optimism

Constantly nagging and complaining about life’s challenges makes babes unattractive to men. Just imagine going on a date with a man who kept complaining about his job, financial problems, and ex-wife. How will you feel?

It’s tempting to spill out what bothers you, but that’s a big turn-off for men. No one cares about your problems. We all have problems.

Everyone goes through difficult times, but your ability to smile amid problems makes you more attractive to men. They love women who have a positive outlook on life, not those who complain and nag.

  1. Ability to Listen

There’s a difference between hearing and listening. It is possible to hear what someone says without paying attention. That’s not listening. My friends told me that the best listeners they knew were elite London escorts. These top female companions were bold, intelligent, and ready to listen and learn.

Men are attracted to sexy women who pay attention in conversations, not those who spend all the time chatting on the phone.

Many other factors attract men to women. However, focus on the points listed above as a good start.