Models looking to make it in Hollywood.

With the kind of wealth and stardom that comes with being in a prosperous Hollywood escort movie, it’s easy to see why so many girls aspire to become escort movie stars. The glamorous lifestyle of elite London escorts is quite compelling. And the fact that it’s being adored by so many is a huge attraction to some people. Being a movie star is a dream come true. Making it to the top is extremely difficult, though, and the vast majority of hopefuls don’t make it. Many high class city girls have to give up their dreams to find other jobs to pay the bills.

Many 24/7 girls may have to find other work to support themselves. Some never let their high-level dreams die, no matter how long it takes. Some people use agents to help them find a job. They hope that will help to get them established. Some also enter into talent competitions in the hope of being spotted and get their big break.

There are likely to be many rejections and a lot of heartbreak, but those that don’t give up might make the breakthrough and see their full dreams come true.

Not Giving Up.

Two busty call girls that grew up with dreams of being high class movie stars have never given up on their goals, even though they have had to take jobs to pay the bills. Monica and Claire, 29 and 32 respectively, have known each other for five years through the escorting industry.

Both share a passion for making it in Hollywood, and they support each other as they try to make it. The pair travel to talent shows together and even share the same agent. The ideal situation for both of them is that they both get their big break together to stay in the each-others company on their journey.

“We support each other. All of us can serve as busty sexy models, and we try to support each other in our quest for our big break,”, said Monica”. “We have promised each other that if one of us gets the big break first. Then we will help the other in their quest to get theirs”. “We have been through a lot together as models as it can be a tough job at times”. “We are best friends and want to keep it that way”, she concluded.

Close to Making the Breakthrough.

“We have both had auditions for some good parts and have both been close”, said Claire. “We just have to keep on trying, and it’ll happen eventually”.

And “It is exciting to know that a whole new life for both of us could be just around the corner”, she added.

In the meantime, they need to continue their jobs as hot babes to pay the bills quickly. Monica and Claire share a flat to help spread the costs. Living together makes it easier for them to support each other in their endeavors. They hope that they might even share a luxury Mansion somewhere in the famous Hollywood district one day.

Elite London escorts dream of superstar Hollywood. Some of them have their dreams come true. Most do not.