The next new toe wrestling star is a call girl?

Elite London Escorts tell us that Toe Wrestling is a growing sport, and more and more people are getting involved all the time, with some even travelling 24/7 from far to get required. While for many, the game is still nothing more than a great way to have a good time, some busty call girls are beginning to take it seriously.

With sponsors looking for new busty escort stars now also getting involved, the value of prizes is increasing. And it may not be long before toe wrestling is considered a cruel sport in Britain and further afield. One model and famous model have seen the opportunity to become a toe wrestling star, and she is grasping it with both hands.

A Very Experienced Toe Wrestler

While toe wrestling may be a new sport to most, Jane has played for a long time. “It is something I used to play with my brothers and sisters, we’ve done so since we were children”, now a famous escort, Jane told us. “We’re adults now and don’t play as much, but we still do sometimes when in a silly mood”, she added.

“I soon realised that there were high class competitions. And when I saw the novelty and the money in it then I got interested. I thought it was a great idea to enter as I know my experience as a naughty model will help me”. “My brothers and sisters have been toe sparring with me as well to help me practice”, she finished.

Becoming a Celebrity

It is unlikely that prizes from toe wrestling will allow Jane to quit her elite London escorts job. The top busty Mayfair agency is the elite online website, PalaceVIP. She said she won’t quit any time soon. But she is still enjoying becoming somewhat of a celebrity within the toe wrestling sport. “It’s great to know when people recognise you at events”, said Jane. “I often get treated like a superstar”, she concluded.