4 Skills Required to Survive and even Thrive!

Today, we discuss the four most important financial skills for elite London escorts in this 24/7 city. They differentiate between successful call girls and struggling call girls. Contrary to common belief, it is not about the number of clients you know or sleep with.; it is about how well you manage your money.

To manage your money, you need to be empowerment. Girls need to be financially literate to know how to make money work for themselves.

4 Essential financial skills for

1.Saving Skills

Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world,  knows the importance of saving. From an investment point of view, saving helps girls invest and gives them an income during a financial shock.

Know how to budget is extremely important. For every 100 pounds you earn, only 50% should be used on expenses and save 20%. A simple saving strategy an escort can use in the supermarket is to buy goods on special offer. Buy from supermarkets that are discount friendly.

To save more, sell the clothes that you rarely use and gadgets that consume too much electricity.

2. Spending Skills for Classy Women

Classy elite London escorts to ensure that they only spend what is budgeted for. To avoid impulse buying, they have a ready budget based on an expected level of income. Stick to your budget. Do this by ensuring you already know the price of an item before going shopping.

Resist being seduced by brands. Though big brands are expensive, smaller brands sell the same makeup. Another important spending skill is to learn is how to buy an apartment or rent an apartment.

An escort must be an investor like Donald Trump. Do not buy a house because of the beautiful pictures on the internet. Go to the house and see it for yourself. Ask residents about ownership, social amenities, and crime rates.

3. Debit & Credit Skills

To understand these skills, you first have to understand your rights as a consumer.  Check your credit card statement every week. Never be afraid to negotiate for better interest rates. Shop around for rates offered by banks, and the bank know you will close your account if they don’t provide competitive rates. High class Mayfair girls are not afraid to draw blood!

Similarly, know how to improve your credit score, which will automatically increase if you reduce your debt and pay your bills on time.

4.Investment Skills for Women

This is another essential skill that high class city girls must learn. You don’t have to be an expert investor, but know the basics, such as reading loss/profit statements, how you can minimize financial risk and compound interest.

Other skills include understanding how government securities work and how to invest in them. In conclusion, it takes time to master these 24/7 financial skills; however, to become a successful and sophisticated call girl, these skills are necessary.