Hot Girls Must Have these Essentials

There are some essentials elite London escorts must have in their handbags to help them work more efficiently. These essentials are important for call girls and for every other woman who wants to feel fresh and safe. If elite London escorts wonder what to pack in their bag, then our list of the top 6 essentials will give you a few useful ideas.

6 Essential Must-Haves

The Humble Tissue

If you ever spilt coffee on yourself during a hot Mayfair escort date and did not have a tissue, the experience would have been embarrassing. Either you would have had to ask a stranger for one or spent the rest of your day in smelly clothes.

Tissues also came in handy when you have flu or when you have a makeup mishap.

Pepper Spray

Sometimes it is a good idea to let your VIP escorting clients know who is the 24/7 boss. It is, of course, not wise to assume that every client you go out with will be tender and caring. Some clients might want to take advantage of you because you have a small body. Since your strength can not help you, pepper spray defend you.

A Note Book for Your Journey

Why carry a notebook and pen 24/7 when you are not going to class? A diary acts as a journal so that when you decide to write a book, it will be easy to access a few interesting incidents. You can use the notebook to write a few things about the client. This will come in handy if something bad happens to you.

Lip Balm

The list would not be complete if we did not talk about lip balms. Elite London escorts must always look attractive when they meet clients. Use lip balm for shiny moisturised lips if you do not want to use lipstick..


City escorting can be hard work. Sometimes a high-class client might require you to go for a walk when the sun is at its peak. In this case, to avoid your skin looking dehydrated, use moisturise to refresh your skin and avoid a sweaty trip home.

Scented Perfume

If you have been in the 24/7 modelling business for a long time, you know the importance of scented perfume. If you serve more than three clients in a day, it is impractical to take a shower each time. This is where high-class perfumes come in as they hide the smell of other men.

Mayfair escorting girls require at least six essentials in their handbag to facilitate a successful engagement with a client.