Factors Affecting Rates of High Class girls!

Are you wondering how elite London escorts set their rates? Wonder no more. High-end call girls set their price based on demand and the time they have been escorting. For example, if they frequently receive phone calls and are forced to turn clients down, then prices increase.

The VIP model will continue to raise her prices until it reaches a point where phone calls have reduced. In such a scenario, she will be able to know the best price for her services. If she wants to attract more clients in a day, she will just lower her price.
In addition, if the call girl is new in the 24/7 industry, she is probably looking for clients. In this regard, she will prefer to have lower rates.  If she has a constant flow of clients, she increases her price. It would be unfair to judge a hot model by price alone. This is because newbies in the industry will offer more services but at lower prices to attract clients.
In this regard, it is essential to factor in the services been offered as well as the price.

Factors Affecting Rates 

Personality and Charm

High class Mayfair escort models who have a pleasing personality tend to earn more. This is because they offer more than just their bodies to the client. They provide companionship, especially to city visitors. If the visitor finds her valuable, he will pay more. In the process, she will be able to evaluate the best price for her services based on the average tips she receives.

Residence Area 

If the high class Park lane escort lives in a lavish location, then she will charge more for her services because of her target market. In addition, if she is in a location where girls in that area do not meet demand, she will be forced to raise prices. Similarly, a call girl in another part of town may charge lower fees for her service because of competition. She may also charge lower prices if there is no demand for her services.

Operational Area

High-net clients may make an offer to a call girl for her to spend time with him as he travels around the world. In such a case, the model will have to factor in how much her time is worth and then bill the client. For example, if 1 hour is charged at 10 pounds, and you want her travel for two days, you simply multiply 10 pounds by 48 hours. This comes to 480 pounds for two days.

This is, however, in the condition that you pay for her air ticket and accommodation.


One of the most common ways used by call girls to bill a client is the service method. For example, a date with any elite busty London escorts 24/7 will cost 100 pounds per hour. However, if you require a date and an erotic massage that will come to 300 pounds.

In conclusion, to avoid disputes with a call girl, always make sure you look at the services offered and the amount charged. If in doubt, ask for clarification.