5 Tips on Cheating with escorts

If you are a married man dating or planning to date an elite London escort, be smart about it.  Your wife will not give you a medal of honour for sleeping around. Married men have slept out in the cold when their wives stumbled upon a hotel receipt. In a worst-case scenario, the couple gets divorced because they can not resist the hot asses of the elite London escorts.

So how can you stay safe and not be caught?

5 Tips to Date Without Getting Caught

1. Stop Using Your Email Account

Only a fool will use their work email address to contact a VIP call girl in Mayfair. A lot can go wrong. For example, the IT department can be instructed to find an email in your account, and they stumble upon a message in which you thank a lady (other than your wife) for the excellent service she did down there. Most people have synced their work email with their mobile phones. This means that if your wife has your mobile phone, she might see the naughty message and file for divorce.

It is better to use an email address specifically for this kind of work. Make sure it is not synced with your phone and only open it while at work.

2. Delete Search the History Using a Program

We encourage elite London escorts to use the delete search history function. Before you contact a call girl, you search for her online. If searching from your home computer, erase your search history and any pictures you might have downloaded. Try computer VIP programs such as CC Cleaner or Eraser.

3. Don’t Save Her Name on Your Phone

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Do not save the name of your discreet model on your phone. By keeping the name will only arouse suspicion and make your wife want to investigate further. Instead, hide her in plain sight. Think about names such as a fat mechanic or even give her a male name.

For this VIP strategy to work, make sure you always delete any messages on the 24/7 call log.

4. Always Pay In Cash

This strategy makes it easy to eliminate any money trail that might cause suspicion. If you are paying for a high-class hotel, use cash. If you buy food for your high-class girl, use cash. Never leave a paper trail behind. Your wife is smarter than you think.

5.Wipe off any Evidence

If you want to get caught, go out with an elite Mayfair escort girl who uses too much perfume. Find a top busty model who uses moderate perfume and will not do something stupid such as kissing your shirt. Before you go home, make sure you take a shower to eliminate any traces of your secret naughty escape.