5 Passive Income Ideas

Did you know that the most successful elite London escorts are those who supplement their income? The elite escort business is not always rosy. For example, during this pandemic, travellers are no longer coming to London.

This places the majority of high class city girls in financial distress. However,  at the same time, some continue to make a living. These are the enlightened call girls who have understood the power of passive income. They earn their millions while they are asleep. Client or no client, they will still pay their bills.

The following are passive income ideas to help escorts live a stress-free financial life.

5 Passive Income Ideas

1. Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

It is much easier to start a business that, as an escort, you understand. You know how to apply makeup to enhance your beauty. You also know what lingerie to buy. Therefore,  you should tailor your marketing website around selling elite underwear and cosmetic products.

The success of the business will depend on how well the niche is received, its monthly traffic, and your target audience.

2. Publish an eBook

This business idea will make you rich if you like writing and sharing your escort thoughts and ideas.  After you have written the book, send it out to a few editors. The editors will correct any grammatical errors and awkward word structure. After that, find a graphic designer to design the front cover. Use  Amazon Kindle to sell it internationally.

Once the book is published, you will have to market it either using a blog or social media platform.  Keep in mind that an ebook will earn you royalties for as long as it sells.

3. Rent Our Your Car

The biggest mistake I have seen when it comes to how elite London escorts operate is that they don’t monetise their assets. Either because they don’t know how to or are not willing to. If you have an expensive car, rent it out to couples who want to use it for a day. This way, the vehicle stops becoming a liability and becomes an asset.

However, make certain it is insured to protect yourself from any liabilities.

4. Become a Landlord

This strategy will only make sense if you find a way to pay a lower rent. For instance, you can buy rental properties and stay in one of them while you lease others.  These can be single-room properties or one-bedroom houses. Keep in mind that this is a long term strategy, and your return on investment may take up to three years.

5.  Sell Photos

London escorts are better positioned to sell their photos to freelancers. Due to your beautiful and flawless body, you can sell the photos to advertisement agencies. The first step is to have a collection of awesome pics. This can be in an exotic location or even in a night club.  Second, sign up with a stock photo site and start selling.

In conclusion, escorts have the opportunity to grow their passive income streams. All they have to do is know where to search.