5 Top Beauty Tips for Hot Girls to Try!

Are you finding it hard to compete with fellow Busty London escorts? If yes, you are probably not standing out as you should. The escort industry is a very competitive sector, and to get the best clients, you have to upgrade. Great makeup can highlight your strong point and make you stand out. It will create a great impression on potential clients and increase your revenues. Here are the top manicure and makeup tips that work magic without you breaking the bank!

Top Beauty Tips for Hot Girls

1. Keep Nails Short

Too long nails don’t look attractive at all. You risk losing many clients by simply looking like a cheap escort with a press-on. On the other side, having too short nails risk losing your feminine appeal. To keep everything at absolute levels, keep the white of your nails to about a quarter.

2. Groom Your Brows!

Well-groomed brows are an essential facial appeal. At least once every month, visit a threading or waxing saloon to shape your brows. Furthermore, shaping your eyebrows is cheap and gives a great look with minimal plucking. However, don’t go crazy on your brows; it makes you look like a simpleton! Ensure that the shape of your brows compliments your face. Please keep it simple and make sure it suits your face; those trends you saw in magazines might be deceiving!

3. Moisturize Your Skin

To appear as an attractive model, ensure your daily skin regime is on point. Moisturize your entire skin to give it a soft feel. Moreso, clients love caressing soft bodies, and having a soft one is imperative. It would be best if you moisturized and cleaned your face daily. Also, never forget to take off your makeup before going to bed. Overall, being one of the high class city girls, your makeup must perfect.

4. Use the Right Colours

Always use the right colors when applying makeup. Ensure that your colors live up to the occasion at hand. For instance, if you are going on a dinner date, wearing glittery outfits will automatically look out of place. Whether it’s your clothes, shoes, or makeup, getting the right color is critical. The right colors enhance beauty without much hassle. No client will love it when wearing dull colors or not matching to the occasion. Moreover, you will be on the losing end!

5. Do a Sexy Hair Updo Suitable for Call Girls

Create a great, sexy appeal to attract clients effortlessly. Dry locks look great as you can tease the hair and align it to your face and outfit. Get the underneath layers with hair spray. Afterward, flip your head upside down, then spray more shampoo or hair spray on the underneath layers to make it mushier. To top it up, insert a glossy hair accessory just above your ears.

The Bottom Line

These manicure and makeup tips will make you look great. They are proven and tested and work best for elite London escorts. Get a great look today to look more attractive to your clients!