7 Things You Will Never Do in Relationships If You Respect Yourself

There are times when being with someone for a long time can lead to familiarity. And a wise man once said, “familiarity breeds contempt”. But respect should not be absent in your relationship. As humans, respect feeds our ego and makes us feel good. Being exposed to insults, comparison, swear words and other unfair treatment can make you feel inferior. That’s why you need to be in a loving and respectful relationship. Everyone deserves to be treated in the right way, regardless of their age and status. Besides, respect is reciprocal. When you give respect to high class city escorts you get respect. With that said, here are 7 things you’ll never do in relationships if you respect yourself.

Beg for Love and Attention

If you are in a relationship then never beg for love 24/7. Not only will you be exposing yourself to insults, but you also will not get what you seek. In a loving relationship, love and attention is a necessity. But if you keep begging your female partner to pick your calls, leave a message, reply to your chats, they’ll take you for granted. If you are the only one that calls, send emails, chat them up, and they don’t reply at all or reply only when they need help, you are dating yourself. Never beg anyone for love and attention. If they truly love you, they’ll show it.

Tolerate Cheating

People who respect themselves will never tolerate cheating in relationships. Sleeping with someone else is not a reflex action, it likely occurred intentionally. Maybe after your partner cheated the first time, they apologized. But if they cheat again it means that they do not worry about your feelings. This also means that they do not respect you.  Never make excuses for a cheating partner no matter how much you love them. Your partner might be spending time with another girl or high class city escorts. But, he might also be showing a lot of fake care and affection to you too. There’s a place of emotion and there’s also a place of common sense. Do not allow your emotions to cloud your sense of reasoning. So, if you truly respect yourself, you can forgive a cheating partner but you shouldn’t tolerate their behaviour

Give Up Your Values

Most times, some partners will want you to take a major life decision just to please them or else they threaten to leave. For instance, a partner may ask you to lend them your life savings for them to gamble with it. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing one’s partner money but it shouldn’t be for something that has no future. Another example is, maybe you don’t like alcoholic drinks. But because they love alcohol, they want you to change your rules to fit into theirs. If you respect yourself, you won’t consider pleasing them 24/7 to your detriment. Respect yourself enough to never compromise your values. High class city escorts respect their own values and do not compromise for anything. And when you do not give up your values you will be respected more. Usually, the partner who compromises with the values is dominated by the other partner easily.

Endure any Form of Abuse

Physical, emotional, and verbal abuse can make you lose your self worth in relationships. Enduring insults, beatings, and silent treatments will only make your blonde partner feel more powerful and motivated to do more. Challenge them once and for all, if possible. And if they repeat the same thing, walk out of the relationship. Note that your mental health is important than anything and anyone, preserve it. Also, keep in mind that physical abuse can lead to long-term injury or death. A busty female will never accept any type of violence in a relationship. Because she knows that if you accept once you become a prisoner of that violence and it can be fatal sometimes.

Seek Validation

Learning to accept oneself, flaws and all is the bedrock of having good self-esteem. When you go into a relationship because you want someone to make you feel beautiful or desirable, you may get exposed to disrespect. People who respect themselves always love the way they look. They don’t need validation from their female partners to feel good. If you love them, fine. And if you don’t, it’s still okay.

Apologize When You’ve Not Done Anything Wrong

Fights and arguments occur in all healthy relationships; it’s perfectly normal. But the way you both handle issues will determine if you value the relationship more than your ego. For instance, if you are the only one who apologizes every time arguments occur, even when it is not your fault, then something is wrong. It means that you are the only one trying to make things work and your busty doesn’t care. This is a reflection of how you see yourself, which is not healthy. Yes, it is good to apologize when you are at fault. But if you respect yourself, you would stop apologizing for things you’ve not done.

Stop Improving Yourself

Unfortunately, many people have put their life on hold because they found love. They no longer take steps to improve their lives. And they have become clingy to the extent of seeing their relationship as a major life achievement. One mistake you must avoid in life is neglecting self-improvement. A blonde girl will never appreciate that. To keep the relationship fresh and strong you need to innovate and learn new things. Anything can happen to your relationship at any time if you do not invest time into it. Respect yourself enough to improve your life, regardless of the situation.  This will not only give you a new perspective in life but it will also improve your overall personality. Your partner will stay attracted towards you as you will be an asset in that relationship.