Become a Fitness Instructor?

Being a fitness instructor in the UK capital can be a gratifying job. Is it a job which will keep you fit and in excellent condition? But it can also be enriching to see high class escort improve their lives. And their health, thanks in part to your help and advice. It can also become a very demanding job. And the pay is usually not great. But although some of the instructors at the top can do very well for themselves indeed.  Some will even train top athletes and other sporting people, or maybe even celebrities and movie stars.

Becoming a fitness instructor requires a lot of dedication and is usually only suitable for people who have a passion for the industry. Long hours and hard work can deter many people from the profession, except those who love the job. One person likes it so much though they wish to switch careers from their escorting one into a fitness industry career.

A Keen Gym Fanatic.

32-year-old Michelle, as one of the elite London escorts in the city, is looking to break away from her current job and take up a career as a fitness instructor in her local gym. She says she is already in the gym whenever she gets the opportunity. So working as an instructor will almost be more like a hobby. 

“After a hard day in my job as an elite London escorts model, I still try to make it to the gym. Even if I am tired, if I can”, she said. “My local gym is open all day. And all night. Which is great as people want to be able to ask for an escort 24/7,” She added. “I still need to cope up with the bills, so I need to continue working in my job for now.” “But if I can get a job in the gym, it would be perfect for me as I will get paid for doing what I love. It would be the dream job”.

The Perfect Candidate.

Gym manager Steve Tyler said: “There is an opening available. But we are waiting until we can give the job to Michelle before we fill it”. “She first needs to complete a couple of instructor courses, and we are helping her with that.” He added: “She is doing well on course for a good grade. We will then be happy to take her on board.”

“Michelle is a great new model character to have around the gym. It would be really great to have her here permanently,” Steve said. “She is always so bubbly and willing to help other people. At times, it’s almost as though she’s working here already”. “We just need to be able to make it official, and we will be more than happy to pay her for her efforts.”

An Inspiration for Others.

A case such as Michelle’s should serve as an inspiration to other high class park lane call girls to achieve their dream job with hard work.