How Start a Motorcycle Clothing Label.

An Elite London Escort from Chelsea Says “There’s nothing quite like riding along at speed on a powerful motorbike for a buzz”. Many London bikers love travelling on the road at a more leisurely cruise.

For other slim escorts, bikes are simply a convenient and affordable way to get from A to B. Such transportation can be handy in cities with a lot of traffic. Whatever it is that people like about motorcycles, they are a prevalent form of transport, and they are readily available anywhere you go on the world.

Popular with girls

With such a popular pastime for Park Lane escorts, you can expect to find a market for accessories and motorcycling is no different. A lot of equipment for motorcycling, such as leathers and crash-helmets, is required by law while others are more for practical reasons or just because they look cool. Motorcycling clothing and more articles.

This elite London escort article has text missing. Write something about clothing and bikes, please.

Rags for Riches

There is a secret agency of exclusive escorts over the age of 40. they have their own biker clothing and also the ride each Sunday across to parliament square in Harley’s. The minimum price of their bikes is £100,000 to get into their club. Plus you need a recommendation from 2 existing members. That can be tough if your not a Londoner. But as they say money candy you anything. Most of the girl are lesbians but they use guys for money.

Usually by the time an escort reaches 40 she is a lesbian. Some are very good at making themselves appear like they still love men. But the truth is that they dont. They got the idea of designing hot biker clothes for girl at a party for fancy dress. One night there was a huge party in a castle with an English lord. And it took off.

A shining example to others

Now the group sells about $10 million across the world and they make about 2 million in net earnings which they share. There main clients are younger girls who are escorts and want to join up with Biker fun.