Covid-19 and Recovering Addicts

Covid-19 has changed the Way recovering drug addicts seek help care from rehabilitation centers. Depending on where you are in the world, you might have to contend with stricter measures when visiting a rehab center. This is done to flatten the curve to make it healthcare centers possible to cope with the sick. As elite London escorts, how do you continue to get this much-needed service while at the same time protecting yourself?

Flattening the Curve and Impact on Rehab Centers

To understand why flattening the curve is an essential aspect of saving lives, we will use Italy as a case study. In the early beginning of the pandemic, Italy was regarded as the hotbed of Europe. Deaths ranged from 500 – 1000+ a day. When the lockdown was enforced, social distancing was compulsory, and the casualties began to reduce.

The deaths reduced because fewer 24/7 party girls were getting infected, while more people were getting healed. The health care systems could cope.

Impact on Rehab Centers

Now, 24/7 Rehab centers are open but with conditions. For example, the 12 –step meetings that recovering London escorts were used to have now been shut down. There is no more face to face meetings, and the few hubs with the license to operate have few patients as most people are afraid of visiting the hospital.

 So how can recovering patients adapt during these new times?

Use of Online Meetings

This one of the best ways to stay safe while at the same time, take advantage of 12 step meetings. All London escorts need is an internet-enabled smartphone and a meeting app such as zoom or google hangouts. Infarct, most of the rehabilitation centers, already have these online groups set up.

  1. Use of Recovery Podcasts

Elite London escorts say a podcast is simply a digital audio file prepared by a host to enlighten the audience about a particular topic such as alcohol rehabilitation, business, and travel. There are several rehabilitation podcasts that you can take advantage of. These include the bubble hour, the Way Out and Sober speak.

 Recovery podcasts are a great way to get inspiration that will help you with your recovery journey.

  1. Reading Materials on Recovery

Another great way to continue with elite London escorts therapy is by reading motivational books on drug recovery. There are plenty of books that will not only inspire you but also motivate you.

  1. Use of Phone Calls

Some rehab centers have gone a step further to set up a support call center where recovering addicts can use a toll-free line to access support programs. You can also talk to a recovery coach for advice.

  1. Use Recovery Apps

There are several apps that you can use to help you recover without going to rehab. Some of these elite apps include the 12 Steps Companion AA Big Book and Sober Tool.

  1. Use of YouTube Videos

The good thing about Youtube 24/7 is that it is 100% free, and it has more than a million stay sober videos that can make you a better person.