Reasons to Hire a model!

Travellers are often confused about whether to call low-end call girls or high-class Mayfair models on the internet. They are not alone. The problem comes when you factor in price. It is common sense that a VIP girl from elite London escorts might cost ten times more than the average call girl.

Do you think you are throwing money down the drain by paying ten times more? After all, is sex not the same everywhere? Or is her cookie jar made of vanilla ice cream? The answer to these questions is no. Sex is not just having an orgasm and going to sleep. Good sex is where you feel your soul flowing out of you while having an orgasm.

Reasons to Hire

She Knows How to Take Care of Her Body

A low-end call girl cannot afford proper medical care. She will prioritise rent over the cost of medical insurance. On the other hand, high-end call girls charge enough per client to enable them to pay rent and go for a medical check-up.

The question is simple, would you prefer a call girl that gives you mind-blowing sex but infects you with an STI? Or, do you choose mind-blowing sex minus the STI? 24/7 call girls are regularly screened for sexually transmitted diseases, which means they are safe to have sex with.

She is not Shallow

Have you ever gone on a date with a high-class Mayfair escort who was shallower than your 10-year-old son? To make matters worse, you had to sit there for 2 hours being told stories about her cat.

Our call girls are educated and knowledgeable about history, economics, religion and music. If you one of our girl out on a date, you will realise what you are paying for. This is because she is worth every dime.

She will Not Steal Your Wallet.

Imagine the agony of having to call your wife to send you money because a busty model stole your wallet. Also, the sex was not that great as she had not bathed for two days and kept farting the entire time. This low-end call girl has not only put you in an awkward position, but she has also ruined your stay in the city.

High-end call girls don’t need to steal your money. They respect their work and want you to be a regular when you visit the city. They are clean and will make your fantasy come true.

No Drama or Side Shows

You have probably seen this on YouTube: a man visits the city, and a woman claims that he slept with her and made her pregnant. Then she threatens to release videos and photos of the two of them having a good time. Yes, she screwed you!

In conclusion, elite London escorts are not cheap, but they are free of drama and know how to handle a man.