COVID-19 inevitable impact on the Escorting Services

Like other elite London escorts businesses, PalaceVIP companion for hire agencies has been forced to reduce services or cease company. In some cases, this has left high class Mayfair escort girls without an alternate source of income. Many were dependent only on their companion for hire services, and they all are forced to put their lives at risk and continue woks. They don’t have any other choice between health and homelessness. Circumstances are not the same for everyone.

A lack of job security:

Many people face hardships during this pandemic lockdown. Many well-settled job holders are fired and are jobless. Due to the lack of job security unemployment is drastically increasing. Instability in the system results in an increasing number of people joining a companion for hire services. The main reason to join companion for hire services as a part-time profession was to meet their own cost of living, the cost of raising children, and necessities. 

 Playboy services forced to close:

Coronavirus impacts began gradually when travel ban, meeting, and flights were cancelled. Many clients cancelled scheduled bookings due to fear of catching the virus. Govt makes more strict rule and regulations for elite London Escorts Services and forced to close the business.

Moving business online:

Only those with the resources and time to transfer most of their in-person work to a different online dating website like only fans and webcams. As the physical contact and intimacy are not currently accessible, the philanderer agencies realise the potential in cam communication and relations.

Pros and cons of cam working: 

It is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to 24/7 physical services, and casanovas are getting their regular customers. “Desperate time calls for desperate measures” works well in this situation. Cam work is providing hope to companies, but it is not easy. Tina, a prostitute, said, “It’s a better option to stay in touch with old clients. Otherwise, they will forget and move on to new ones, and she will come back to zero.

Another mistress during an interview said she is having trouble to satisfy the needs of their clients online. She thought she could perform better in person. Chat and video calls are very time consuming, and wages are relatively lower than the physical work.

Other Constant concern was security issues. Many escort service providers feel they are not safe and in continuous danger. Additional share a room with their family, so they can’t provide quality services.

We demand labour rights:

Mitchell, a 24/7 Park Lane call girl playboy, said they would demand recognition of their elite call girls service. It’s a profession like another profession, and they require funds and relaxation in tax from the government in this crisis to keep going. We are all affected economically by this pandemic.