How I beat the September blues last year

The arrival of winter is always exciting for elite London escorts like me who love to enjoy late-night coffee, watching movies, and it will be a cherry on top if you are with your naughty partner. But the autumn season is a real struggle for me. I have the seasonal affective disorder, and when it’s starting to look darker and colder evenings, I tend to feel low and lack energy.

My mood dropped 24/7:

Last year in the autumn season, my depression was at its peak. I had September blues that made me unable to perform my daily activities. Being lazy all day on the couch was my new routine. I used to search for different dating websites and spent most of my time chatting with someone. I once read that “Humans can act as a drug if you are alone.” I was in dire need to find someone busty who can accompany me through this season. Finding someone to spend time with was a challenging task. My colleague, who was also living alone in his apartment, once suggested hiring an elite escort, and I laughed at him. But at that time, I felt the need.

Private companion services:

Tina was my companion in my loneliness. She was basically from Canada but was living in London for her studies. I used to talk to her on every topic, and we had mental compatibility. We often used to discuss sex and intimacy. At that time, I realized that nothing is sexier than having a partner with a mutual thirst for love, affection, and physical intimacy. I called her, and bluntly said that I need to spend time with her. At first, she refused but kept insisting and told her the stories of busty escorts and their services. I aimed to seduce her to accept my offer.

We set VIP terms and conditions:

I was aware that she would accept the offer to share his apartment for a few months. Although it was not a bad option as she was struggling to pay her hostel dues. I said she would get relief for a few months and save money to pay for monthly rent. She finally agreed with a few terms and conditions. After a few days, Tina shifted to my apartment. Her presence made me feel happy. She was outstanding in cooking and baking. She baked cakes and patisseries for me, and we had long drives in the dusking winter evenings. We enjoyed horror movies with popcorns and did romance many times when needed. Tina made my autumn season more beautiful for me with her loving and caring personality. I felt overwhelmed with love and compassion.

If any elite London escorts feel like the autumn season is hard on you, you must try to have an escort’s services. If you have someone very close to you, then open up with her, tell your need, and understand the needs of her. Consensual dating is not a bad thing, guys. It will refresh you physically and mentally, and you will perform better in your 24/7 party life.