Juliette and her birthday partner

Juliette has broken up with her long-term love, and it is now pinching her inside. She was in a toxic relationship for more than five years. Juliette is a romance writer who chooses to stay alone in her comfy apartment, but Juliette’s elite London escorts never felt lonely. She was in a relationship that was enough to fulfill her physical and emotional needs. Jacob left him alone and move to another city. She was left alone with her work. 

Autumn anxiety:

Juliette has a seasonal affective disorder, and it worsens in the fall. She used to be with her boyfriend 24/7, especially in these months, but she felt anxious this year due to being alone. She makes her life like a machine to overcome this entire situation, but nothing works. 

Her friend monthly hires a companion:

She remembered the days when Jacob always wished her birthday in October with a fancy dinner date and flowers. She always felt lucky for having Jacob in her life. The end of September is going, and she is thinking about her birthday. Juliette recalls her university high class Park Lane escort friend, who once told her about paid companions. Her friend was in a broken marriage, and she used to hire a companion once a month to feel good. Unconsciously she calls her and asks for the contact number of escort agencies.

How she makes her birthday memorable:

She called and asked for profiles of some decent male strippers in service. After a few minutes, she got three profiles on her number. One of them was looking so handsome and tall. She entered all details and address through the website and hired some Elite London escorts for her birthday. The feeling of not being alone made her happy and excited. Waiting till next week seems laborious, so she indulged herself in the preparation of her birthday. She visited a beauty salon for a haircut and wax, bought a mini skirt for birthday night.

The playboy arrives:

Finally, the birthday arrived that she was desperately waiting for a long time. She did light shimmery makeup complementing proper contouring, and her dark blue deep neck dress was looking glamorous exactly like VIP city high class call girls should be. The overall look was sumptuous. Then the doorbell rang, and she felt numb. She hardly composed herself and opened the door. It was late afternoon when the playboy arrived in the drizzling rain. Her brown eyes lit up when she opened the door; he wore a friendly smile on his face, revealing two angelic dimples and gorgeous lips. Something about his face seemed vaguely familiar.

 “You really don’t want to be found, do you?” he said, “It took two hours to get out here.” He stood there on the porch, his bag slung over his shoulder. She felt numb. It was happening for real.

 “Come in,” is all she said. 

She did not expect her birthday like this:

He was continuously staring at her while Juliette arranged the table for food. Then he put his arms around her and asked her to cut the cake. She was feeling his breath at her neck. She offered him a drink. They had dinner, and then she held his hand and took him into her bedroom for some naughty escort fun. The smell of his scent and flowers mixed, and it all worked well for her. 

Her birthday night was beyond her expectations with Juliette, a VIP Busty 24/7 call girl.