First Meetings: From the Screen to the Touch

It sounds silly that this article aims to discuss preventive measures. And this is before going for that first magical date encounter in a long-distance relationship with high class capital escorts. I am a person who has not seen my feet stand in any country other than my native country. Similarly, I do not possess that inherent tourist instinct for judging the safety of any unfamiliar situation. I know, however, that there are limitations that come with my lack of knowledge. There are consequences to my willingness to invest in a long-distance relationship.

Covid and Long Distance Relationships

I have known this blonde online for a long three-year timeframe. It sucks that during the period when we were both ready to meet, COVID-19 burst in to infect the world with isolation and precaution. Yet, it is a hidden blessing for me. As disappointed as my heart feels, my mind is grateful for the extra period of collecting my courage. I have been obsessed 24/7 with YouTube videos of first encounters in long-distance relationships with my female partner.

Also, I have gleefully watched compilations of women dropping their bags partying and men running headfirst for that first-time hug. I know, however, that there are dangers to first meetings from crime documentaries and the occasional news coverage. With that said, I have catalogued the tips and tricks that minimize the stupidity of my heart’s yearnings. I now share with you this safety checklist for your very own first “re-date”:

The Checklist

1. If you can arrange it, have your first meeting in your area with high class capital escorts.
2. Inform a close friend or confidant about the plan.
3. Make sure to be in a “somewhat” public setting when meeting with your partner
4. Carry the necessary safety tools with you.

For the first two items on the list, I speak directly from research and experience. I am not the first busty in my family to have these troubles. My cousins are third-generation citizens who have found their spouses and love matches abroad. It is, though not tradition, a sort of expected occurrence in my family. We are open to each other’s cultures and lifestyles, from being born in lands colonized before. It is with this family background that I have an understanding of how best to get out of unpleasant circumstances.

Yet, there is risk in having great confidence in high class capital escorts not founded on any reasonable basis. Trust is a pillar for a relationship, but it can be abused when given away too easily. It is better to be cautious beforehand than to feel bad later. A person’s background serves only as a reference, but it can never consistently cater to all the questions we have. If you can choose the destination for your meeting, set it up either of two ways. Have your date arranged in your area, or make sure to pick an environment that instils familiarity.

Choose the place that you are completely familiar with. Do not go to any place far away from your home. When you are in such a place, mentally you can be at ease if at all anything goes wrong. You can even find maps of the location and study beforehand – emergency exits and safe points near or at a small distance from your current location.

Small Messages

The female should be sure to inform somebody in her contact list of what is about to transpire. Create one-word signal messages for more efficient execution. Have their contact list name be generic, such as “sister” or “mother” for improvisation. Make sure your confidant understands the terms and that they won’t abandon or forget. This way, you have the upper hand and the confidence. The setting that you choose plays a sequential role in your plan.

It is tough, but high class girls tend to conflate any actions with warning signs or bouts of suspicion. Hence, settle for a place that is not overwhelmingly public. This tactic will help show their true colours in effect. If you show your date that you do not trust them, they can catch on quickly and put their guard up. If this happens, your efforts flush down continuously. Even if your first meeting goes smoothly, you are not sure of the next ones if pretences are up.

Bottom line

Lastly, bring a fully charged phone, but have a spare in case. You should also own a power bank. Avoid those partying places where phone signals will become a problem. Have your wallet, keys, ID (information!) in an easy-to-carry purse that comes with a handle that a blonde can wear. This way, you are not at risk of forgetting any items when you leave. Do not let them see you off in a place near your home so that your address remains confidential. It is preferable to ask another person to pick you up instead of allowing them to drive you back.

Most of all, keep in thought that you can leave at any time of the encounter. You are not tied, nor confined to any obligation that restricts your feelings of safety. Stay alert 24/7 and prevent yourself from wandering in reason. If you ever arrive at this specific state in your relationship with the busty, please go back to this article to share your experiences. That way, we can continue to empower and help other individuals waiting for their loves.


It is important that a high class girl knows all the pros and cons of a long-distance relationship before she indulges in one. This type of relationship can give you the perfect love of your life and at the same time for some, it can destroy the peace of their life. So be careful before you venture into such an experience. I have known dream couples who stayed in a long-distance relationship for many years before they were formally married and started living together. If you know any such couple then I would advise you to meet them to get the knowledge of their first-hand experience. They can give you the best tips and guidance in this matter. And then you can go for your first meeting.