How Frankie gets a highly paid Companion

It was a dusky winters evening; the chirping of birds was melodious. Frankie was walking down the street, lost in her elite London escorts thoughts. The daylight turns into darkness, and she feels confident that no one is noticing the tears in her eyes under the dim street light. She was in an abusive relationship for the past few years. Her man was not interested in her face, just his sexual need. She remembered last night when he punched her in her face. She very masterly dabbed the foundation on so no one could notice. Her eyes filled with tears, but she quickly blinked them back and pushed the lump back in her throat.

She never cried when she was working, no matter what happens.

An expensive car will give more value:

A long classy car passed by her. At first, she noticed the high class man in the car, very keenly glanced at her. Then, the car made a second drive around her and stopped. Hence, with her experience, she was an expert in getting an idea about financial status, prices, and brand. The longer and classier the car is, the more expensive client will get. She thought John would be happy when he knows she earned a handsome amount that would be enough for at least 15 days.

The man demands an undercover job:

Accordingly, a man having a very charming persona came out of the high class car and looked at her. She feels uncomfortable because the man was around 50 in age. She was not interested in doing a job for an older man. So she ignored him and walked away. He said in a friendly tone, hey beautiful, are you free tonight. She turned back and passed a smile and asked why are you asking. He told her that he needs a companion who is recently divorced and was very depressed. He puts a condition that he will hire her if she hides her identity as an Elite London escorts and meets his son as he belongs to an upper-class family. 

Frankie was shocked for a while and looked at him. She told him that she would charge an extra amount for this task. He agreed to her demand.

The lavish five-star hotel was her beautiful dream:

She gets in the car. They were in front of a 24/7 five-star hotel, after a few minute’s drive. Consequently, she gets in, and the lady receives her and takes her into a room already booked. The lady asked her to get ready in half-hour and hands over a very expensive maxi. She was all glammed up in 15 minutes and did not recognize herself in the mirror. She looks pretty.

Her client was handsome:

As per instruction, she arrived late at the party and luckily got her client’s attention quickly. The man was giving a dapper look, and he was the most handsome guy. She feels a little confused, but he approached her and starts with a very polite smile. Hi beautiful, how are you doing. Frankie smiled professionally. Additionally, he offered her a glass of wine. Again, after a few minutes, he asked her to stay with him for a night.

He seemed very disturbed and was desperately looking for some 24/7 Mayfair models affection. She agreed and walked with him. After arriving in the room, he changed his clothes, and we talked. He asked Frankie to turn off the lights and come closer to him. His presence was fascinating, and she spends quality time and gets a handsome amount. VIP escort life is not as dull as you are thinking.