She played the role of a devoted girlfriend

Elite London Escorts will tell you that I am in my early 50’s, a relatively wealthy and successful businessman. My wife passed away in her 40’s. I put all my energies into business, and it pays off in terms of enlisting me among the 10 top people in the industry. I have everything in my life that someone can wish to have. However, my physical needs sometimes make me desperate and depress, mostly when I am alone on business tours and parties. It seems like people are looking at me and feeling how unlucky I am without a woman. My money has no meaning if I am alone 24/7. It is a common perception among our society for the male gender that you can only be happy when you are surrounded by beautiful ladies and have fun.

The decision to hire a companion:

I consulted with some elite London Escorts and told them of my requirements. We have heard that this companion fir hire agency has very top-rated beautiful and young 24/7 partners but are in higher education and intelligent. Beauty with intelligence is a lethal combination. They shared the high class Mayfair escort models profile, and I offered them to pay a lavish amount for a girl who was doing medical studies and was into escort services to meet her college expenses.

She was exceptionally charming:

She was so pretty and tall, around 5.6″. When I first met her, she looked a bit confused. I take her to a café. We had a coffee and made a conversation about finalizing the deal. I want to hire her for my business tour, business parties, as I’ve hired How Frankie get highly paid undercover Companion for a VIP model as my travel companion. I told her she does not need to worry about her dresses and makeover; it will be my responsibility. I told her clearly what I expect the most is to show like she is my girlfriend. I was not hypersexual at this age, so I told her there might occasionally be sexual activities, and he would pay an extra amount for this.

How she makes me feel proud:

It was a very formal business dinner. All top-rated businessmen were invited, and I told her one day earlier to get ready for the dinner in a black sleeveless shimmer gown and wear high heels. She agreed, and when I was at her place, I was surprised to see her. She was looking adorable and breathlessly beautiful.

I feel proud to have such a charming high class call girl. She stepped in the car, and I feel alive after such a long time.

We reached a bit late. When we stepped into the dining hall, everyone was stunned. I could sense the mixture of jealously/hearted in my associate’s and competitors’ eyes when I walked with her holding her hand. All the men wanted to bang her, and all the women dreamt of killing her out of jealously. I find this an excellent way to piss off the people I socialize and do business with without looking like I am trying to piss them off.

It was one of the memorable call girl dinner dates I ever had. After dinner, I offered her to stay the night, and she happily agreed. She was beautiful but intelligent, too, and made the people hate me more for no reason. Now she is my regular partner for hire, and I so lucky.