How to Get Close To Your Partner

Many agencies and governments conduct a regular survey on marriages, couples, their relationships, etc. Most of them point towards one important factor that is responsible for the bad relationship between a couple. Surprisingly it is not the shortcomings of the individuals. The main reason for this distance is negligible interaction between them. Some husbands interact freely with high class city escorts, but at home, they are confined to themselves.

There will be hardly any elite busty girls who are not excited about her marriage. But after some years, she feels lonely. As if her husband lost his abilities to express himself. She finds her husband getting monotonous day by day. This feeling fills her heart with anxiety. And finally, frustration takes over in some time. Wives have been complaining about these distances in the relationship for years. They think that cricket or football is more important for their husbands.

K.Daniel O’Leary, Director of the State University of New York Marital Therapy Clinic and Clinical Psychologist, is a leading expert in marital issues. As per him, the distance between the couples in the marriage increases more because of the husband. This is because the husband tries to keep himself away or to assimilate himself. Husband prefers spending time with high class city escorts rather than home. This problem is more harmful than others problems between the couples. And the solution is even harder.

Increasing Distances Between Couples

It is such an irony that while the man has given up his sentiments more than before. Earlier the man was hesitant to express his feelings, but now being confined in himself has started making difficulties in the marriage. The famous author Maggie has written in her book ‘Intimate Partners: Patterns in Love and Marriage’ that there are no so many complications in a simple married life. There are more complications when your husband starts living separately and confines himself. When friends or high class city escorts become a comfort zone 24/7  for the husband, troubles start growing at home.

The frustrated elite female companion is always emotionally dependent on the husband. She hopes that he will love and support her forever. But, over the period of time, she seems to be utterly non-existent for the husband. She sees no such clue from the husband about how he feels towards her feelings. In such a situation, the husband does not even talk properly with the wife. Even if he takes her in the arms, it is only for the desire of getting physical. He does not make the wife feel that he wants to be close to her. She becomes an unwanted entity, and the distance between them increased gradually. A wife might also lose her self-esteem in the long term and get depressed.

Lack of Expression

According to Dr. Dylan, most men are like that. They do not openly express their feelings like their female companion. Samuel Osherson, a psychologist at Harvard University, believes that the man has the tendency to collapse on his own. This tendency is associated with some deeply traumatic incidents associated with his adolescence. These traumas do not heal on a psychological level despite a long gap. And then they overcome the positive side of the man in the latter part of his life. And the bad thing is that, nor the husband or his female companion knows about these traumas.

At the psychological level, such traumatised people are not able to recover from mental loneliness. You can see them partying 24/7 with their friends, but inside they are broke. According to Freud, this happens when the son deviates his attraction from the mother to gain the acceptance or appreciation of the father. Thus the emotional distance from the mother leaves a psychological effect on him. This he cannot overcome all his life as all this happens at the subconscious level. He holds the idealized image of what he lost and conceals the symptoms of his emotional needs with firmness.

Sometimes, a husband may also misinterpret the affection and interest of his wife. He feels that in emotionally weak moments, the wife wants to know all the secrets of his life. Those secrets that he does not even want to think about. After all, he has put so many efforts all his life to conceal from the world around him. Such mistrust in his busty companion increases the distance of their relationship. Therefore, husbands are always advised not to misunderstand the wife who shows extra affection. She is not playing a trick. For her, this might be the best way to express how much she loves you. Some wives are simple and naive. For them expressing their feelings directly is normal.

Know the Feelings

Biologically, a man hides his feelings. According to a psychiatric analyst, JaunMunderRaus of the Cornell Medical Center, New York, men tend to be more aggressive than women. The more aggressiveness the man has, the lesser is the sensitivity towards others. He won’t easily connect emotionally with others. For him, an elite busty girl is just a toy and not a human being. A man learns sensitivity and emotionality from his mother during childhood. The father’s personality teaches rigour, perseverance and seriousness. This is why he hides his fears and troubles from his wife and starts getting away from her. This becomes a part of his personality.

The wife has to know the concerns and fears hidden in the depths of the husband’s mind. Only then will she be able to bridge the distance that thrives in her husband’s silence. Sometimes things go in the wrong direction. The husband opens his heart to his wife. He tells her all the secrets. He pours out his deepest feelings. But, the wife is in awe. This happens because, since childhood, she was always told that men do not cry. They are not emotional. Men only like partying 24/7 but do not indulge in a serious relationship. Therefore, if the wife wants the husband to share his worries and troubles, she needs to think in the right direction. She needs to understand that men are also human beings with emotions. And they have all the rights to express themselves.