Girls Should Use These Covid-19 Tips!

Most countries in the world have just opened up their borders, which is good news for high class London escorts. It means that the city will accommodate more Fit to Fly or 2 & 8 travelers resulting in more money for elite call girls. Despite the financial benefits that we are gaining, it is essential to realize that the world is still not safe. Though the government has it under control, the COVID-19 pandemic war is far from over. There is a considerable risk that the second wave of attack might occur due to international travels. So how can call girls stay safe during this crisis?

4 Tips for Call Girls to protect themselves from the virus

1. Know the Symptoms

How can you battle an enemy that you do not understand? According to WHO, the best strategy is to be updated about the virus regularly. As a call girl, knowing about the virus will enable you to stay safe and protect your VIP clients. Below are signs that you should look out for:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Continuous Dry cough
  • High temperatures on your chest or back
  • A loss of smell or taste

Though you should keep an eye on these symptoms, it is essential to note that your client might be infected but is asymptomatic. It means that he shows no signs of coronavirus. In this case, your client should take additional precautionary measures.

2. Change your Service

Times have changed, and regular sex will either send you to the ICU or the grave. It is necessary to avoid the risk and take extra precautions during this period. For instance, if you meet your client in a hotel, ensure the bedding is clean and not used before your visit. Also, insist that the client sanitizes his hands before he can touch you. During sex, it is vital to use a face mask. It may be uncomfortable, but you can consider this roleplay where you, as the elite model, are the nurse, and your client is the patient. Do not kiss each other or spit on each other. After your encounter, ensure you take a bath.

3. Know-How to Travel and When

Apart from the clients you interact with, another risk factor is the kind of travel you make. If you make a Fit to Fly or a 2 & 8 test then your probably safe. But you will still interact with many people at the bus or train station, increasing our chances of infection. In this regard, you need to know how to travel. When traveling, ensure you travel while wearing a face mask and carry a hand sanitizer in your handbag. Also, avoid traveling during peak hours to ensure it is easy to maintain social distancing guidelines.

4. Follow Your Guts

Before meeting up with the VIP client, it is important to have a conversation with him on concerns you might have about the virus. Try suggesting how you can stay safe and apprehensive about your suggestions, so he is probably not a good client.

In conclusion, although high class London escorts find themselves in a dilemma during this period, following these tips will help you stay safe and still make money.