Want a Call Girl? The Dos and Don’ts of Dating!

Have you ever had a bad experience with an elite call girl? Maybe she just walked out on you before you could have an orgasm. Or perhaps she all of a sudden started yelling and foaming at the mouth. During this encounter, you felt frustrated, and you ended up writing her a negative review. It is even though she did not take your money. Have you ever wondered that maybe she is not to blame? After all, it bits logically to claim that she just walked out of the room without any genuine reason. We don’t blame you. Many people do not know how to handle an escort.

What to do With for a Call Girl

Following these tips will help you have a good time with a call girl in the city:

Have a Good Introduction

High class London escorts will not come to you because of your money. They are looking for a good experience at the same time. Keep in mind that they can judge a client by how they write to them. A good bio will create positive energy and makes the call girl more enthusiastic about hanging out with you.

Have a Pleasing Personality

When you meet up with a model, do not be rough. Also, avoid rude words such as “I will tear you into pieces” or “When I am done with you today, you won’t be able to walk for several days.” In most cases, guys who use vulgar language are not as good as they claim they are. Also, rough talk is just a turnoff! Be sweet and smile often. If you are lucky, she will give you more than what you paid for the service. Trust me; free things are much better {In this case, atleast}.

Do a Background Check

An elite escort is only valuable if she delivers the services you want. You might be asking her to give you an erotic massage, but she does not offer that. Also, you may require certain sexual acts performed, which she does not do. In such a scenario, she will pack up and leave. In the process, you feel frustrated and rejected. As part of your background check, make sure to read reviews about her and what other people say.

What Not Do with a Call Girl

Don’t Brush 30 Minutes to your Appointment.

This golden rule does not exist to protect her but to protect you. It is because most people are known to have sensitive gums. Also, they do not know how to use their toothbrush correctly. As a result, they tear their gum which increases their chances of getting STIs.

Don’t Eat Garlic or Onions.

Garlic and Onions have a sour smell that remains in your mouth for some time. These may make your partner uncomfortable during your service. It is always polite to apologize in advance.

In conclusion, don’t leave your call girl alone in your room. It is because you are both strangers, and she might steal from you. Not all high class London escorts are church girls!