How to solve disputes during work

How to Solve Disputes During Work

The typical elite London escorts work is about handling clients who want someone to have a good time either through a late-night date, a holiday abroad or just the usual sex. Usually, clients spend time with a call girl at their favourite joint. When the client chooses the venue, the outcall service is offered. Most of these fights between call girls and their clients happen during such an encounter. 

When clients do not want to pay

When someone does not want to pay for a service rendered? And it becomes vital for the call girl to carefully handle the situation. The first step is to understand how explosive such a situation is and start by figuring out why the client does not want to pay.

As a call girl who wants to receive her full compensation for the time and services rendered, she must maintain the clients’ respect at all times. Even when the client does not have money, you still empathize and work out a formula for future payment. Most of the time, clients do not pay because they are dissatisfied with the service. Sometimes, he might not have the money.

It is for this reason why I always encourage fellow call girls to ask for payment upfront.

Avoiding conflict between Call Girls

Girls must always remember that they are offering a service is in a very competitive niche. They should concentrate on making themselves attractive to the clients both physically and in the services they offer. 

As it is with a regular work setting, call girls will rub shoulders with each other once in a while. However, to avoid conflict, do not target the same client as your competitor and not try to steal from them.

Conflict Between Clients and Escorts.

Typically high class Mayfair escort girls and client disputes begin with verbal aggression that graduate to physical attack. Often, clients who complain about receiving low-quality services become angry and may start a fight. In some cases, fights erupt because the girl takes advantage of the client. For example, when the client is too drunk, some girls decide to steal their money or expensive jewellery. 

In other cases, clients might force us to do things that we may not want, such as oral sex, without protection, even though it was not part of the original agreement. To prevent such cases from happing, it is crucial to let the client know what you can and what you cannot do.

How to Solve Disputes

I think the organizations we work for need to screen clients to fish out the rude ones or those who have a history of battering call girls. Such clients should be banned from using the platform.

It is also important for elite London escorting is that at least one person to always know you. And where you are at all times. To keep girls safe, these platforms should have clear engagement rules between the client and the escort. All of them need to know what is expected of them and a dispute resolution mechanism set up.