What men want from us

Men like sex, but that is not the only reason they want to go out with you, a high-class 24/7 London 24/7 call girl.

If you create your elite London escorts services only around 24/7 sexual concepts, you may never play in the big girls’ league. Once in a while, you might attract a wealthy client. But what if you could do that every day from Monday to Friday, January to December? You will have a constant flow of clients and add sugar to the honey. Your clients will be around the entire year.

If you know what men want, you can have a busty city escort service tailored specifically around this niche. Men wish to have one or two of the following things:


Most men find all sorts of ways to get out of their homes. They love their wives, but they find them too noisy to hang around with. They complain about how dirty they are, how irresponsible they are, complain when they leave the toilet seat up.

Men want a woman to spend time with. A woman who will listen and suggest ways he can solve his problems. Call girls who provide companionship to their clients will win the game.

Ego Soothing

The sad part of working in our trade is accepting that your clients the way they are. Whether they are crappy men with smelly breath or stinky socks, you have to accept them as they are.  Most men come to us because they do not want to be judged. They want us to accommodate their stupidity and ignorance and make them feel good.

As elite London escorts modelling in this trade, you have to be willing to soothe men’s egos. This way, they will always consider you their favourite, and you will always have repeat clients.

Great Sex

I know I had mentioned sex at the beginning of this article, but I will repeat it because of its importance in a marriage. The average married man probably has to beg for sex. Then, when he gets it, it is the usual missionary style. 

Though this is ok as it satisfies his sexual needs, usually he wants more. He wants to explore what he sees on porn sites and be a bit crazy. If you can package your services around this, then you will become very successful.

A Listener

I have realised that you need a balance between what you say and what you hear from the clients of elite London escorts. Most men want you to listen 24/7 to what they have to say and go with the flow. However, we suggest never give your personal opinion as it may sound judgemental. It is far better to listen to him and be sympathetic. Nothing more. 

Some people think that what men want is High-class brunette escort girls that listen to them. Others think that what they want is playful, naughty physical attention, on-demand when they want it and not when girls want it. What’s your view?