How to spice up Make-up sex with STI Testing for the elite

It is not that happy-looking couples do not fight unless they are high-class capital escorts. There is an occasional fight between most happy couples. Sometimes it lasts for a few hours, and sometimes, the conversation between husband and wife stops for a few days. Most of these quarrels resolve on their own. If there is any problem in apologizing to each other after the quarrel, then you can resolve the matter with the help of make-up sex. Makeup sex is the hottest way to uphold fights. You can also try the idea given here to improve makeup sex. But remember that intimate moments are not the only thing to keep your high-class capital escorts happy. One has to be smart, mature, and open to discussion to resolve issues.

What are makeup sex and its benefits?

Where there is love, there are disputes as well. The husband and his female partner often get annoyed at trivial things like the TV remote, mobile or laptop for long hours, kitchen work, extravagance, or relatives. Makeup sex is the best way to deal with such quarrels. In makeup sex, partners openly quarrel with each other. They take out their anger and then become wild and intimate. The best thing about make-up sex is that the matter is settled early, and there are no grudges. It does not weaken your relationship. If you have not tried this yet, then you can adopt this remedy in the next quarrel. If you want to make this session a little spicier then the below tips can be useful for you. Believe me, if you can follow these tips for make-up sex, you can add many more flavours to your life.

Tease your partner

There is nothing better than teasing a partner. You start teasing them in the middle of a quarrel. You can wink at them and remove your clothes in a sexy style. Let them know the real motive behind your teasing. When they understand that you want some good time in bed, they too will be happy. Your actions like this will help change high-class capital escorts’ moods and calm their anger. You can see that all the anger vanishes in a second and your partner gets drowned in lovemaking with you and gives your relationship a new warmth. Your partner needs your attention and care, which can make your partner happy again. Remember that teasing your partner should be within the healthy limit and not make them feel insulted.

Torture your partner

The one who has been at fault in the fight should also be the loss. If your busty starts a dispute, then you have a chance to torture them. Here you are not going to torture them in the literal sense of the word. You have to show some false anger. You stay angry and let them convince you. Let them feel that they have done something wrong. Make sure you do not say yes soon and keep dodging them. Do not answer their questions and show that you are not concerned and also angry about the dispute.

Once you see that your partner is sorry for what the dispute, you can go back to them lovingly and talk about it. You will see that it will make high-class capital escorts even happier and strengthen your relationship too.

Act like screaming while quarrelling

You can act like screaming angrily at your partner. Let them feel that you are very angry. Show your anger by screaming and kissing your high-class girl suddenly. They will be taken by surprise at how comes this anger suddenly changed into love. Before they can comprehend what is happening, bombard them with all your love. Maintain your aggression even while being intimate. They will not be able to understand what is going on and how to react to all this. And when you slowly drag them into love-making, you can see their surprised mixed happy face. Now when they see your aggression in love-making, they will reciprocate in the same manner, and you can have a steamy and fun-filled session.

Punish your partner elite escorts

Anyone who is at fault should also be punished. You can set any punishment for your female partner. Tell them about it that since they started the dispute, they will get some hard punishment too. When you say punishment, they will be intrigued to ask about it. Let them feel that there are some hard punishments. Slowly reveal these punishments. Ask your partner to sleep without clothes. You can blindfold them while making a physical connection at night. You can do a little drama in your makeup sex. They will heartily agree to these hot little punishments, and your makeup sex will be steamy and great. You can decide about these punishments if there are future disputes between you and your partner. Both will know that; finally, this dispute is going to end in an intimate session that will strengthen your relationship.

Compete with each other for high-class fun

Whenever there is some dispute, you can fight each other with pillows. You can also wrestle with each other on the bed. You can also blindfold your busty and play small games. These are to ease both of you after some dispute. These small games on the bed will finally lead to an intimate session. In most intimate sessions, both partners have some of their favourite positions, which they always want to try. The sex position will be decided according to who wins in this battle. If the guy wins, he will decide what position they will use today and vice versa.

When your female partner knows that the winner will get this opportunity, they will also compete with you in these bed games, and you both can make these games fun and entertaining by adding more things to them. Makeup sex is always good, but if you can spice it up with other things, it can be great. It will not only lighten your mood but also create mutual trust and give a whole new meaning to your relationship.

Safeguarding Your Relationship: Prioritizing Regular STI Testing

Makeup sex can be an intense and passionate way for couples to reconnect after conflicts, but it’s crucial to prioritize safety and sexual health within the relationship. By incorporating regular STI testing into your routine, you can ensure peace of mind and a stronger foundation of trust. These convenient and discreet STI test kits provide couples with the means to prioritize their well-being and address any potential concerns.

To further enhance the experience, consider exploring the gallery of Elite London Escorts, where a strong emphasis on safety and testing. By choosing reputable agencies that prioritize STI safety, couples can enjoy passionate makeup sex while maintaining a responsible approach to their sexual health. Embracing STI testing not only protects physical well-being but also nurtures a deeper and more intimate connection within the relationship, allowing for a satisfying and secure experience.