Make Sure You’re Safe When on Holiday with Kensington girls

Elite London escorts believe that the world is a beautiful place. So many things to see and different experiences to be had. Unfortunately, some parts of the world can also be quite dangerous for a high-class model if you are not careful. So it is essential to check first before you go. Even luxurious holidays like those in The Bahamas can be risky if you do not take proper care.

 Being Streetwise

PalaceVIP model Christina has travelled alone for many years. As a young woman travelling in strange places alone, she has learned how to become very streetwise. “Personal safety is of paramount importance, and it is essential to have your wits about you all the time,” said Christina. “I am quite streetwise anyway, having worked as a 24/7 high-class Mayfair escort for as long as I have. It would help if you took it up a notch when overseas”, she added. “Drinking alcohol is often not a good idea. I need to be fully aware of what’s around me, although I do enjoy a drink if I am in a group”, she finished.

Keeping Clear of Danger Zones

 “I’ve been in locations that have experienced rioting and even military coups.  But I did not have a problem,” said Christina, a Mayfair call girl for years. “These things are usually localised in certain areas. So keep away from those areas, and you shouldn’t have any problem. “It’s mostly about common sense, really,” she said. “The same kind of common sense that keeps me safe in my job.”

Kensington models are famous for travel advice. Contact PalaceVIP now and get the latest updates on where girls can travel safely.

Elite London escorts are adamant about safety. If you take one on holiday with you, you need to plan. They prefer to be spontaneous but do not try to fool them into thinking that everything is a dream, safe and well taken care of.

They don’t want to get tired of dealing with the details to find themselves actually a tour guide. A travel agent could set up everything. You can make her feel like a princess. Many guys wouldn’t do that even if the girl paid them. But with these busty 24/7 party girls, let us face it, you’re the slave, and you are paying them as well.