The Girl Dedicating Her Spare Time to Helping Stroke Victims

Elite London escorts know that strokes happen unexpectedly. They range in severity from causing mild impairment to serious disability. For those who survive a stroke, their whole world is turned upside down as they find themselves unable to complete even the simplest of tasks. Fortunately for these people, many good-hearted Samaritans are more than happy to help out in any way they can.

A Desire to Help

Rebecca, a busty city elite London escort, has been with PalaceVIP for five years. She and her friends that work as high class city girls has personal experience with stroke victims. This has encouraged her to help out wherever she can. “My mother had a stroke when I was young, and it devastated her life”, said Rebecca. “Unfortunately, my mother passed away a few years ago. But now I spend what time I can by helping stroke victims live as normal a life as possible”, said Rebecca.

A Rewarding Task

“It can be tough at times, as stroke victims have a lot of needs. But it can be a gratifying task,” said Rebecca. “Just knowing that you have helped to make somebody’s life better 24/7 is a great reward in itself. Those I am helping are often so very grateful,” she added. “It’s not just the victim that suffers, of course, but also their families. It’s good to help out all-round, really,” she continued. “It just makes me happier to see other people happier.”